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Kitten didn't make it-Gutted


loving life
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Hi everyone, Bruno died at 3pm this afternoon and I am gutted. The vet said he didn't have the strength to breath anymore because his lungs were sticking and so he just drifted off. I picked him up from the vets to bring him home and he just looked asleep, all huddled up. I feel very silly being upset but because I helped him out and stimulated him to take his first breath I just feel really upset he didn't make it. Hoping the others are gonna be ok when they arrive and that the Mum Jessie will accept them. Zoe xx
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Aww sad news hun, sorry. Its not silly to be a caring person. I hope the others and the mum is 0k. xxx


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Aw wee soul. At least he went peacefully and knew love and care for the time he was here.

Fingers crossed for the other two and mum to be. And you. :hug99:


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So sorry to hear about Bruno :( We lost two pups when our dog gave birth and it was very sad. I hope the others (and mum) will all be ok.


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Ahh that's so sad. Hope you are okay? I would be exactly the same, I love animals so much and would be in tears. Fingers crossed everything goes okay with the others x
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awww poor bruno, he is in a better place now, good luck with the others im sure you will have the pitter patter of tiny kitten paws soon hun xx
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Awww poor little kitten. Our cats first litter was premature, although we didn't realise it at the time, she had one and then had the others 24 hours later, she moved them from the stairs to under the childrens bed and when we checked the next day they had all died... me and the children cried for a week, it was so sad.... good luck with the other kittens, I hope she hangs onto them for a bit longer so they have a better chance.... RIP Bruno..
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Im sorry to hear that :(

fingers crossed the others will be ok


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So sorry hon.

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thats really sad news, and its not silly to feel how you do-totally understandable. you know in your heart that you did your best to give him a chance but it wasnt meant to be.
poor little thing
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Really sorry to hear about your little Bruno x


loving life
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Thank you every one for your kind words and not thinking I'm silly :eek:. I am sure he is running around up there with all the other loved pets we have lost with a giant ball of string. Zoe xx
Hiya Zoe, I am so sorry your kitten didn't make it. We show persians and in our last litter I hand reared one, if you like any support or handrearing tips let me know


loving life
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Thanks Curlywurly and Sailaice, I might just need some of those hand rearing tips if the other's arrive and need help so thank you very much. Zoe xx


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Don't feel silly sweetie. Us animal lovers are bunch of old softees, and we totally understand what you are going through.
Take care,

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