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  1. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    I joined Weight Watchers last night and today is my first day on Simple Start!I just thought I would make a food diary to help motivate me to keep on track!I've put on so much weight since having my son and stopping breastfeeding. I have a LOT to lose but I'm just taking it half a stone at a time. It's going to be a long journey but I'm determined! I just want to feel happy with my body, be able to wear clothes I actually like, be able to run around after my toddler in the park and I also want to be at target before we try for another baby. I've been on and off slimming world since my son was born but fancy doing something different, plus weight watchers looks more flexible and easier to follow in my opinion.I'm looking forward to reading everyone's diaries and supporting each other through this :)
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  3. lisalu

    lisalu Full Member

    Good luck Kittieb! :)
  4. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    First day went well! I've not felt hungry at all, but I am craving sugar!! Looking forward to starting propoints next week though

    Tuesday 11th February


    2x Shredded wheat with skimmed milk


    Wholemeal Warburtons thins with fried egg, bacon and mushrooms
    0% greek yogurt

    WW cookies (treat!)
    0% greek yogurt

    Pork loin steak, jacket sweet potato, broccoli and carrots
    Tinned peaches

    This evening I'll have some more cookies as my second treat :)
  5. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    I feel awful for today!!! Can't believe I went off the rails on my second day!!! We had a power cut in the afternoon and earlier this evening and I had to get something quick because our son was hungry so ended up getting a takeaway!! I hate myself for it but it was the only way I would have been able to eat a hot meal!! :(

    Wednesday 12th February

    Porridge with blueberries

    Wholemeal pasta with tuna, sweetcorn and brocolli

    A very naughty takeaway :( booo!

    Tomorrow WILL be a better day!! :)
  6. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hey. Here to follow. I've been doing ww propoints a few years and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask.
    Don't panick too much about the takeaway, a good week should negate that xx
  7. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Silver Member

    Good luck x

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  8. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    good luck!!!
  9. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Thanks everyone :) Well today was my first weigh in and I've lost 1lb! I know it could have been a lot better, but I'm pleased it's a loss :) I found simple start really hard and too similar to slimming world which I've got really fed up of! Today I've started propoints which I love!! I'm excited to start following propoints properly tomorrow x
  10. *radleygirl*

    *radleygirl* Gold Member

    Hi Kittie, I'm here to subscribe & support you.

    I love WW & more specifically pro points. It's so flexible & fits in with life.

    Good luck!
  11. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    1lb is still a step in the right direction :)
    good luck with propoints, i also stuck to that! x
  12. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    Good luck with the pro pointing and have a fab week
  13. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Well done on your loss last week, i find propoints much better too as i know where i am with points if i stick to them i will lose weight whereas i tend to eat all around me with the other plan as im allowed to
  14. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Wow thank you everyone for your support :)

    Today has been my first proper day on propoints. I have actually found it much easier than I thought. I'm allowed 47 propoints a day! So far today I have had points so have left and don't know what to use them on. I have honestly genuinely just not been hungry today. I think eating wholemeal pasta for lunched has helped because it kept me full until dinner time. I sat down with a cup of coffee and a pack of quavers at 3:30 this afternoon but really wasn't hungry so put the quavers back!

    So I think I'm going to treat myself to a cream egg this evening ;)

    Golden syrup porridge: 4pp
    1/2 pint semi skimmed milk: 4pp


    Wholemeal pasta: 6pp
    Tuna: 1pp
    Light mayo: 1pp
    2 satsumas

    Homemade cottage pie using:
    Lean mince: 6
    Potato: 4
    Oxo cube
    Chopped tomatoes


    WW apple and pear crumble yogurt: 1pp

    Cream egg: 6pp

    TOTAL: 33/47
    WEEKLY: 49/49
  15. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    Well done, looks a good day. Wish I had 47 pps a day, am only on 27!
  16. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    food sounds good today
    treats sound even better :p
  17. *radleygirl*

    *radleygirl* Gold Member

    Great food day Kitty. Is it 60g pasta for 6pp?
  18. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Food sounds good, maybe you could change milk to full fat instead will give you a few extra points
  19. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Radleygirl it's 6pp for 190g of cooked wholewheat pasta.

    Sweet as pie - I guess I could do that but I've always had semi skimmed milk so don't see the point in using more points if I don't feel hungry for them, if that makes sense?? I'm just eating when I'm hungry. I have eaten near enough the same foods again today but had a tsp of sugar in my coffee this morning and some cheese and a ww yogurt with my lunch so will be a couple points more today. I'm loving propoints :)
  20. *radleygirl*

    *radleygirl* Gold Member

    Thanks hun.

    I love pro points too. Between us (& rest of minis lol) I'm defo a WW gal. No more SW for me :p
  21. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Food for today...

    Golden syrup porridge 4
    Semi skimmed milk 4

    Wholegrain pasta 6
    Tuna 1
    Light mayo 1
    Light cheese 2
    WW yogurt 1

    Homemade cottage pie using...
    Lean mince 6
    Potato 4
    Chopped tomatoes
    Oxo cube

    WW yogurt 1
    Meringue 1

    And this evening I'm treating myself to...

    Options hot choc 1
    Creme egg 5

    TOTAL: 38/47
    WEEKLIES 49/49 remaining

    LOVING propoints!!! This is definitely the plan for me!!

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