*Kitty*'s CD diary


Hi I'm new on this site.

I have been on CD since 20 June, and have managed to only lose 5kilos by sabotaging my efforts with snacking.

Anyways, tommorrow I am going to start doing it properly and seriously! I want to get to 65kg, then I will be a size 12 and confortable with myself.

Wish me luck! I certainly need it with my lack of willpower!!
Hi *Kitty*,

Good luck with your re-start and I am with you!

I am a week tomorrow back SSing...

Love Mini xxx
Well yesterday, the first day of my restart went fine, didn't cheat all all apart from having from have a teaspoon of a extra choc pack to make myself a hot choc with. Not really cheating though as I will just use the not so full pack for a milkshake this weekend. I am taking some diet pills and they are really helping, they are not presciption ones just normal ones so not too hectic, just makes me feel hyperactive as it has allot of caffeine in it! No cravings or feeling hungry though which will do nicely untill i am in ketosis, then I will go off them as the ketosis will be my own home made appetite suppressant.

I woke up today with a really sore arm, i must have slept funny on it, it just feels kind of dead with the upper arm muscle being sore. Weird.

Next week I am having my front teeth reshaped as they have chipped quite a lot, can't wait to have pretty teeth!
Well done on your restart!
You will soon be at the weight you want to be!
Sorry your arm is hurting and I hope it feels very much better soon!
Well done on your first day of your restart, good luck for day 2, we are all behind you x
You can do it hun!!.. And don't say 'only 5kg'.. that is a lot of weight!! Keep going :)