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Kittys Diary - the big shrink!

Hello & welcome to "the big shrink"!. My history is one which does not make me proud... i have gained and lost substantial amounts of weight my whole teen and adult life BUT I am vowing to myself and my poor organs that this is the LAST time I will lose weight. I want to be a maintainer rather than a loser or a gainer!...... I admit i have an emotional eating problem so once i get closer to goal I am going to see a phychologist so i can really prepare myself for life as a maintainer!.....

I live in Sydney and saw a tv report on CD on the morning I was due to fly out to my one week island holiday with my husband and thought THATS IT! I must do this when I return.... So we had a lovely week in Fiji and I went to the gym every day and watched what I ate and then started SS'ing on my second day back.

Week 1: was extremely difficult as not only was i missing food and cooking for hubby I came down with tonsilities,sinus and a chest infection... and then TOTM decided to arrive as well!!! BUT I got through it because I can be stubborn :p which works in a positive way in situations like this!.... hehe. Here are the stats so far:

Start: 188
Week 1: 181.4: - 6.6 (TOTM) :flirt2:

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Thanks Emma! ... yes it really was pretty tough but if I could get through week 1 with all those obstackles and stick to SS 100% then i can get through anything!.... cant wait to be able to go for a jog but am still very congested in the chest...

Yesterday - i was thinking about food quite a lot but got over it.... there is no point spending all this money and willpower to not do it 100%....

Ciao for now...
Hi, well done on sticking with it through all of that. If you can get through the first week with all of that on top of it then you will fly through. Good luck x.
Thanks Zoe! ....this morning is DAY 11 and I feel LIKE STEEL!!! ahahhaahah Woke up feeling upbeat and just super!..... i love the way this diet makes me feel in the morning!...... i am wearing some of my old slimmer clothes too so its really allowing me to focus on the way I feel inside and out rather than just the scales.

Only issue right now is the dreaded lack of fibre... i hadn't "been" since about 5 days ago and had to take a natural fibre supp last night even though its all natural made from wheat dextrin it did have .8 carbs and about 14 kals per double serve.... i had no choice as was in pain... i did "go" this morning but i cant be like this for the remainder of SS - its just not healthy... I REALLY HOPE that this small extra amount of not even 1 carb and 14 kals doesnt effect my weight loss....

Anyhoo - feeling so positive right now!!!!!

You are in control!!!! not food!!!....

Ciao !!
DAY 12!... yesterday at about 3.30pm i was obsessing about eating.... and was very tired.... but got through it...

Today - I feel great - just had my porridge so was happy to actually put a spoon in my mouth!... makes me feel more normal!... I find that my energy levels on this diet are iether extremely high or extremely low but more high than low so I think thats what is lifting me through each day... Its such a gorgeous day outside so I might go for a nice walk in the sun around the harbour at lunch and see if that gives me more energy throughout the afternoon...

Ciao xox
DAY 13!

So yesterday the fatigue monster didnt catch up to me until the evening which suited me just fine! As long as my head doesnt touch my desk at work I am happy!..... Yesterday was one of the easier days of the diet so am VERY happy about that... I really do think taking this extreme diet one day at a time works best for people who have cravings for food.... If you sit there thinking God how can I get through 6 weeks of SS you will most probably find it either extremely difficult and feel negative or fall off the wagon...

I find weekends easier on this diet than weekdays becuase i am physically doing stuff all the time rather than sitting on my but in front of my computer all day...

These are my thoughts for now.. so today am feeling good and positive and am enjoying feelign lighter in all senses.

Enjoy your day everyone! ;)
DAY 14!

Wow, 14 days with no conventional food! Woke up feeling good except for mr sore neck as was so tired that I must have konked out and slept in the same position all night. Need a massage, will check in later! Have a wonderful day.
DAY 15!

Ok it's weigh in day and am pretty happy with the result! Am down 4.8 which brings me to 176.6... The weekend has been plain sailing with cravings as we are quite busy and am feeling pretty pleased with myself that I didn't eat any of the chicken curry and vegetable puffs I made for hubby!!! They smelt so dam good. :)

DAY 16!

I feel great today.... partly due to the good weigh in yesterday and partly becuase I feel like food isnt controlling me!! which is HUGE.... and also because i really want to start jogging again!!! I have the motivation so will get up tomorrow!.... YAY! cant wait to be fit again like I was late last year....

Ok still day 16... what I find really strange is that yesterday and today I have not being getting hungry for lunch until 2.30pm!!! and even dinner yesterday - I dindt feel like it until after 7.30pm... VERY STRANGE!!
DAY 17!:D

Wow time seems to fly by sometimes.... still feeling great in general but am clogged up again...... so am taking fibre, laxative and black coffee!!!!

I have also decided to go back to the gym becuase I REALLY miss excercising!!!! i might have to do ss+ on the days I go though as dont want to do anything silly to my body...

I'm glad to hear it is all going so well for you. I am thinking of returning to Cambridge to get rid of the final bit of weight I want to. I would do this with 810 though, I found that so much more difficult than SS. Plus I would rather SS for the amount of money that is being spent on it.

Currently waiting for the CDC to get back to me with her opinion on what is the next logical step for me to take.

Good luck with your journey! x
I'm glad to hear it is all going so well for you. I am thinking of returning to Cambridge to get rid of the final bit of weight I want to. I would do this with 810 though, I found that so much more difficult than SS. Plus I would rather SS for the amount of money that is being spent on it.

Currently waiting for the CDC to get back to me with her opinion on what is the next logical step for me to take.

Good luck with your journey! x
Thanks Shelz!! whichever way you do it you have hardly any weight to lose so that is a HUGE bonus! Good luck hun! :D
DAY 18!

Had a massive bout of fatigue yesterday from 5pm - 7pm.... luckily my energy came back after my shake (i crushed 12 ice cubes in my choc mint shake!!!).... Feeling good today - still waking up easily which is great as am not usually a morning person.... i think it annoys my hubby though as am quite talkative because of this!!..... am excited and nervous about going to the gym and how it will effect me but seriously am feeling the urge to do more than 40 mins of walking to and from work and the train station and home.... i just want to treat my body right and this has to involve getting active like I used to be.... am doing this at lunch today... Fingers crossed - am thinking my body will need more than just SS so will have a SS+ meal if I need one....

Still day 18 and just got back from the gym!!! OMG YAY I had the energy to do a 45 min workout without feeling dizzy or anything!!

I did a 20 min easy run (1.1 miles) then did 25 mins on the weights targeting all my major muscle groups.... feeling the beautiful buz of excercise like I used to... i love feeling healthy!!! I think I might go and get a full blood test done in about 4 weeks.... I will have SS+ tonight just to make sure my body doesnt go into starvation mode although at this stage I dont actually want to eat it or feel the need for it.... if anyone out there is reading this and has an opinion please let me know.

DAY 19!

Am very happy with myself at the moment - i got up at 5.30am and made it to the gym!! Felt awesome and was able to run for 1.2 miles and then did about half an hour on my upper body with an assortment of weights...

I wasnt too hungry last nite as was expecting to up it to SS+... I was quite hungry after my workout this morning but was fine after my porridge.... I think I should start ss+ though as I dont want my body to go into starvation mode. Its weird - I know logically I should but I just dont really want to break my SS'ing if you know what I mean... Oh well we'll see how we go tonight... decisions decisions!!

Thank you for this diary, it is helpful to know what to expect in the coming days!
Dat 20!

Yay for me - went to the gym again this morning and ran over 2 kilometres and did lower body weights.... really enjoyed the burn.... been a bit more hungry than usual but am hesitant to include a SS+ meal as I am curious to see how the scales will move on my weigh in considering i have been to the gym 3 times this week... just had my shake for lunch so I will see how I go and must drink more water....

Thank God its Friday!!!

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