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Knocked out of Ketosis!


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Im really not sure but I think you can have up to 4 packs without going out of ketosis

How are you judging whether you are in ketosis or not , because unless i have a specific smell on my breath, which Ive learned to recognise im never quite sure

unfortunatley i still feel hungry when im in ketosis and I dont get the burst of energy that some people talk about

others will know more about how many carbs you can have per day to stay in ketosis , and you can check the amounts in the packs on the slim and save website
Thanks Pheonix. The carb content is not an issue but I've read that citric acid can/will/may knock people out of ketosis.

I have been using ketostix to test and in my experince they are pretty accurate for me.


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oh ok no idea about citric acid , I have 2 packs of spag bol a day sometimes , and havnt found it an issue but we are all different arent we ? and sometimes i have no idea what my body is doing lol


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Someone asked a similar question once and one of the moderators, Starlight, posted that she had researched this and the amount of citric acid was so low it was negligible and shouldn't make a difference. Different people can tolerate different amounts of carbs before being kicked out of ketosis. I think the average is somewhere around 50 - 60g per day. If you only had the 3 packs I can't think why you would have been kicked out. Maybe you had something extra like the veggies that could have knocked you out? I don't tend to use ketostix very often unless going into ketosis after a break as I know that if I stay on track I will remain in ketosis. Did you 'feel' different or was it just the ketostix that said you were out?