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Kraft Light Thousand Island Dressing - also oyster sauce question


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Huge amounts of sugar in the dressing - so definitely not, sorry.

But you can always make some similiar with splenda


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Sorry I don't know - I just know that the Luc Lak beef is from the official recipe book. I just try and stick to the rules however changeable they seem to be.

The recipe only has 1 tbspn of oyster sauce and that is to serve 4, but I try not to eat all the sauce if I make it as it is sweet.

Personally I feel that once I start to question why different ingredients are not allowed / on the tolerated list, then I am going to start letting things slip, thinking that a little bit of this that or the other won't hurt. I guess it all comes down to personal choice in the end if you want to start slipping in extras at this stage.


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No idea!! It's not something I would put in a recipe of my own, but it felt ok in an official recipe!!
Those official recipes do make me mad really because we are told we can eat as much as we like of certain things, but then the recipes contain lots of tolerated items but they aren't marked as such. So with the Luc Lac for example you could be forgiven for thinking that you could eat the whole lot in one go.
This is what we do with prawns if we want dressing -

passata - 2 parts
fromage blanc (frais) - 1 part
paprika, salt, pepper
dash lemon juice
sweetner - a sprinkling

Or cooked with garlic and chilli is lovely too!


Not very good at this!
I like yoghurt with a little balsamic vinegar.

I don't know I personally feel that by questioning why different things aren't allowed I am putting myself through unnecessary torture, so gave it up a long time ago!


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Is French Oyster Sauce somehow different from the stuff bought over here?
No... and both Emma and myself ADORE luclac sauce and both had to resign ourselves to restricting our consummation when we stalled :-(

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