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Lactose Intolerant/Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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Awww, sorry to hear you are suffering with this hun. I've been suffering myself this weekend so need to go to doc for some advice.

Can't see not eating pastry being much of a problem on SW but you're gonna need some advice re: dairy produce :confused:

Hopefully someone will come along with some good hints and tips for you xx
I suffered with severe ibs for years- within 15 mins of eating it would pass straight through me. Embarrassing and very painful and am so glad I have got rid of it. I could never pin it down to anything in particular- but after losing a stone it went.....perhaps the eating well routine solved it!!

Try the yorktest if you want to find out what could be triggering it- the doctors cod never do anything fir me.

Good luck! And I feel for you I really do!!



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I'm quite worried as I never had before I started 2 lose weight :(

I love natural yog n so many recipes I love use dairy. I hate milk anyway but tea n coffee aren't the same without it! So I've got lactofree milk atm, which is helpin the symptoms :)

I've been 99% dairy free today n I avnt had any problems.

I know my IBS triggers but this seems like it cud b lactose as I've not had any pain since lactofree milk. Wen I had milk 1st thing this morning I had horrific pain

Argh xx


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you can have 250ml rice milk I am lactose intollerent
the maturer the cheese the less lactose in it
yougurt is less lactose but you can also get lacto free/soya yogurts too

IBS could be dairy related, mine is also triggered by red meat


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S: 12st4.6lb C: 11st1.6lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st3lb(9.85%)
Awww yea my IBS is triggered by chocolate n pastry. I mean any chocolate tho :( but I gave that up a month ago n I've survived.

But it seems its very likely the lactose as I don't have any upset tummy or sickness with dairy like my normal ibs attacks. I jst get really bad pains, bloating and trapped wind which causes the pain. Xx


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I have an allergy to milk which means I am hospitalised if u have ANY lactose but have been following SW without problems, yes it's annoying when my husband eats mullerlights syn free but i just have jelly or strawberries etc.

There are milk alternatives in the healthy extras now too. One thing I would say is avoid the lactofree products because they're not lactose free just significantly reduced ( I don't think they should get away with this just because it's stated somewhere on the carton- when it 1st came out it was only listed in the ingredients.....anyway I digress!)

I don't really like soya but try to use my hea in porridge or sw rice pudding with vanilla extract and berries.


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S: 12st4.6lb C: 11st1.6lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st3lb(9.85%)
Oh no I've had that lacto free milk for about 12hours as I cudnt get any soya milk. Its ruduced my discomfort to pretty much nothing x
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I think the lactofree milk reduces the lactose content to 0.05% of normal. My daughter is severly lactose intolerant and so we all use their products (except Mullerlights for me).

Read labels religiously - there's often milk in ham, mayo, tomato sauce, crisps, sausages, 100% fruit ice lollies (go figure), medicines and vitamin tablets ... you name it.

Realised the bread had changed recipes yesterday ... after she'd been throwing up for 3 days ... oppps. Bad mummy.


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Awww yea I went shoppin 2day 4 things. Lucky the bread I av has no dairy in :)

I got myself in2 auto pilot n got my snack pasta n got home 2 hand it straight over the bf wen I was puttin it away - cheese sauce = dimwit bev!

Does any1 know the syn values 4 the alpro soya nat yog as I'm not a current sw member :( jst follow it at home these days as I av all the mags n recipe books n here of course.



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I have ibs too but I can eat diary ok but not bread, iceburg lettuce, dried fruit particularly dried apricots, some pot noodle type thingys too but haven't been too bad if I stick to a red day, mostly I've been doing extra easy but I do lose weight and feel much less bloated doing the red days. I don't really get the running to the toilet ibs, but I do suffer with the constipation side of it and have been hospitalised in the past.

Boo xx


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I am watching this thread with interest x I was stopped dead in my tracks on Saturday with IBS type symptoms :( At first I thought it was a direct result of having sushi for lunch but looking back I started feeling uncomfortable on Thursday night and it peaked on Saturday afternoon/evening. I'm still feeling the after effects now :(

Cannot put my finger on what triggered it though, although I used to be prone to cycle related IBS which it could be.

On the whole SW really suits my body so I was shocked and upset at this flare up.

Not nice is it girls? I was just going to say that I'll try to keep a diary of what I have eaten when it flares up - Doh! That should be easy ... I write everything in here!!


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I gave up bread and it has improved mine allot, also i'm finding i'm getting less symptoms as my weight has gone to a healthy bmi! Are you taking anything for it? I got given colofac and they have worked a treat also i take peppermint capsules for bloating and wind! I'ts hard giving up things you have alway's had but at least there is a good alternative with rice/soya products and the market have a bit more choice that a few years ago, just keep trying all the options and stick to the one's you enjoy the best. You should soon get used to the changes, also remember due to the ibs it can effect your weight loss week by week due to bloating and bowl movements etc, but it all evens out over the months!! All the best and hope you keep improveing!! :grouphugg:
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I've found that since starting slimming world my IBS has literally gone away, I hope that you find the same!!

I also used to have real trouble with dairy products, but again since starting slimming world no trouble. I eat muller lights, but don't eat ice cream as that does still make me sicky (not sure why the yogs dont have that effect.)

Good luck!
i have ibs which is triggered by dairy, spicy food, fatty food, strong coffee, bread and other random things

i have found that sw has really helped it though.

with dairy there are some things that affect me more than others. i can have a little skimmed milk in a latte type coffee but if it is semi or full fat that sets me off.
i can also eat certain cheeses. mostly processed cheese like babybel, dairylea, philly and feta. but put any normal cheese like cheddar or brie in my food and i am straight to that loo!!
i can eat yogurts as long as they dont taste too creamy. so i can eat mullers but not activia.

also with bread i get severe pains with normal loaf bread but i can eat pitta bread no problems and to a certain extent bagels too. which makes me think it is the yeast my body dislikes.

alot of it is trial and error - you will eventually come up with your own list of trigger foods.

ps if you are suffering from painful knots and cramps i can recommend buscopan which you get in the chemist

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