Lactose intolerent - how to be creative with vanilla

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  1. miss america

    miss america Member

    Hi Everyone
    Can you help ? I have a new client who is lactose intolerent - and oranges give her migraines. She is also intolerent to caffeine. Could anyone give me any ideas on how she can get creative with the vanilla shakes - ie: adding things to them that will not effect ketosis. I would appreicate any replies many thanks
    Miss America:p
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  3. LauraLou85

    LauraLou85 Full Member

    Cinnamon can be nice also some nutmeg, still not the most exciting flavours, but they do make it have a nice taste and it makes a change. :)
  4. Bubblesanon

    Bubblesanon Member

    De-caff coffee? have it hot like a latte? or cold like a frappacino type thing

    what about the water flavourings can she have them? what would happen if you made a vanilla shake up with flavoured water??? I have no idea because I've not had any of the flavourings yet.
  5. Anaya

    Anaya Full Member

    My sister absolutely loves the Vanilla shakes and she adds some instant coffee to them and some ice like a frappuccino type thing!

    I've also read somewhere on another thread (sorry can't remember where..) that the citrus/orange flavouring added to this shake with mix-a-mousse tastes just like lemon cheesecake!! I haven't tried it yet but definitely worth a go! xxx
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