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Lactose intollerance HELP needed..


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Im Lactose intollerant and today have very bad stomache cramps which felt very familiar to the pain i get when ive had dairy. This is the first time in 3 weeks ive had this, it was about 30 minutes after having a shake (which is when i usually get a reaction) i just wondered if anyone else is Lactose intolerant who is doing this, has had a problem with the shakes?
Greatful of ANY help
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only the cappocino i dont like the others. So they are all have some kind of dairy in it. im just dont understand if i could have had a reaction 3 weeks in, im soo confused.


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i have and i really dont like them...and my CDC doesnt stock the LF choc, choc orange and vanilla.
Hi Kaf,
I'm slightly lactose intolerant...if I have too much dairy..I get stomach cramps and then this is followed by foul smelling yellow poopydoops...(sorry for the TMI)..but figured that as CD usually makes people constipated then I would be ok and I have been...until the last 5 or 6 weeks...I then got extremely constipated. You should maybe try and stick with the LF products if it is making you ill or maybe introduce a meal so you only have to have less packets.
Sorry I wasn't much help.


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ive tried the LF products and dislike very much. im going to try a normal one tomorrow and if im ill then maybe re think the CDdiet.

I'm really, really lactose intolerant but haven't ever had a problem with any of the shakes. I just find that I don't tend to get constipated. The fact that you haven't had any problems in the first three weeks suggests to me that this is something else. Are you getting a change in bowel habit? Perhaps you could try splitting the shakes so that there's not such a 'load' for your tummy/bowels to handle. That might help with the cramping?

Hope it sorts itself out.



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i'm slightly concerned that your CD wont order in some LF products for you hun! Might be worth contacting other CDC's in the area as although the LF soups arent great, the LF choc, choc/orange are delicious!
Agree with op about splitting shakes in half to maybe be a little more gentle on your tummy....and its worth getting checked out by the dr's too just in case its something non-cd related (although dr's usually blame the diet in most cases anyway lol)

Hope you find a way round this as CD really does work hun :D

I agree with the other lovely ladies here about contacting another CDC to try some of the other products - I LOVE the vanilla with really cold water - tastes like melted ice cream, and the chocolate is gorgeous when hot.


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Hi Kaf, I'm lactose and wheat intolerent so thought I would have probs with most of the shakes/soups but to my surprise I haven't had any problems with cramping or bloating which I usually do with dairy/wheat products, the only thing I found is with certain ones I was slightly more windy (sorry if tmi lol)

I think you should defo try and get the lf ones, I had leek & potato soup every day as its yummy!

Hope you feel better soon hun x

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