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Ladies, and CDCs, a little advice please

I was flicking through my diary trying to sort out holidays etc, when I suddenly realised I haven't had a period for 11, nearly 12 weeks. Now, I am never regular, and anything between 6-9 weeks is 'normal' for me. The other week I fely PMSy, but nothing appeared. Now, I know that being very under weight can make them stop, but I am a looooong way from that. Can it happen temporarily just from losing a bit of weight?

Not that I'm looking forward to it finally arriving:p
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....and the Angel of the Lord was among them..... :D :D

Nice to meet a true living legend, Mary :D

On a more serious note, this could just be the packs affecting your hormones....there was a thread recently about some CDers having worse or more frequent periods :confused:
Oh well, maybe some poor soul is having mine then!


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Hormone levels flucuate when there are changes in weight. Some women experience increased activity and spotting,,,othere may find that theit periods stop for a while. Once target is reached and weight loss ceases the metabolic rate will adjust to a new level appropu=riate to the new weight and the hormones will settle down and find there own pattern..

Dosn't happen to everyone...but it can happen.


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was totm for me last week (was 1st week on CD) and it dragged on for longer than usual, hoping itts not affecting weight loss this week too, seems to have stopped now tho
hiya when I lost 4.5 stone with slimming world 4 yrs ago in just over 5 months my periods stopped for 8 months, even tho I wasn't underweight, my GP checked my hormone levels during thsi time and they were fine, she advised me to gain a few pounds( wish I had that problem now!!!) and they would restart which I did and they did!!, now I'm not advocating that you stop losing weight but drastic weight loss can stop your periods for a while, they will come back when things settle down but you can always get your hormones checked to put your mind at rest

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