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Ladies Question

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I have been having a period the last 2 weeks even though I am on the pill it started a few days after i started lipotrim, just wondered if this has happened to anyone else on TFR
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I don't know about your question specifically but I have the implant and from the moment it went in I never had a period since. But when I started Lipotrim, I had one for about 4 days. I keep reading in different places that this diet does effect the hormone balance and therefore will mess up monthly cycles in some cases. X
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Hi i have commented on a similar post somewhere else a few weeks ago but cant find it for you. I have the contraceptive injection every 12 weeks and havent had a period for 3 years but about day 4 of lipotrim i started bleeding and havent stopped since (nearly 7 weeks on!!!!) when i checked with doctor and lipotrim they said lipotrim quite often messes up our cycles as one of our hormones works with fat and fat storage and as we are on no fat diet as such it messes everything up. They said i was still covered and shouldnt fall pregnant as it was the injection i have but think it different for pill, you may not be covered as a contraception, best check with doctor or lipotrim. as soon as you come off diet everything will go back to normal as it happened to me earlier on in year when i did 5 weeks on lipotrim about 3 days after eating again my period stopped. i know its a pain having constant period but i just keep thinking its worth it for a few weeks or so when you loose as much as you do on this diet :) hope this helps xx


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I'm also on the pill and have been on my period since 5th October now :( and its getting beyond a joke...but still having weight losses and I hope its going to come to an end soon x x x


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i wonder if it works the opposite way. Ive had problems with my piull for 6 months, basically having a period every 2 weeks, now ive started lipotrim i havnt had one for 3 weeks now i wonder if its regulating my periods again OR just not letting me have one. strange
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Im so glad Im a bloke .. x
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Thanks everyone, now I know I'm not alone. It's just a pain but the weight is coming off so I will put up with it.
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Does anyone know if it works the other way around? Mine seem to have stopped altogether... Not that I'm complaining ;)
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I really hope this doesnt happen to everyone, I suffered badly when I was on the implant, basically havinga period non stop, but since having the injection I havent had a single one...I hope LT doesnt chnge that, that would be so depressing!!:cry:


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Mackie mine have stopped too!! Keep thinking I'm preggers haha
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Orla0312 said:
Hi Girls

I am on TFR 2 weeks, I am on the pill but have been bleeding through my pill and I am not due for another week.
Has this happened to any other ladies out there on the Lipotrim TFR
I have the implant and usually have a period for a few days every month. But after my 8th week on lipotrim I started spotting every day and when I do get a proper period it lasts longer than normal, then I'll have a few days off and back to spotting.
Very annoying! This is apparently normal :)
And has happened to a couple of ladies on here, try not to worry x


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I have just had my first one for 2 months but that might be down to me being a certain age ha ha!
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I think I jinxed myself when I said I hope this wouldn't happen...only on day 6 of LT and have got my period, I'm on the injection and haven't had one in about three years so this is very depressing and annoying..anybody else on the injection who had this happen? Did it last long or stop quite soon?? :( xx


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Ask Trueleame but its something todo with the fat releasing Oestrogen!! Or something!!! Lol...

I have a funny feeling that i am going to come on again.... finished about a week ago!! But last night i REALLY wanted to eat!!!

And today i am a wee bit.... shall we say..... 'tetchy'

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hey wobbly bobbly read page one of this thread as i am on injection and wrote about my experience x

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