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LaLa's Xen Diary


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey lou! welcome to the xenical family! Good luck hun

cant wait to hear your random ramblings too! :)

love katie
Today's the day I start taking Xenical!

I decided to start on a Thursday, just in case I get some side effects at the start. I'm off college til Monday, and having a quiet weekend this week so thought it was the best time to start. I've had a look at the sticky on the main forum about the 5g fat rule, very helpful post! I'd not have known about that had I not been on these forums.

I'm sticking to 1500 calories per day, give or take a little, I want to focus more on the fat content, while still keeping an eye on the calories. I did a fat content calculator thing, and it says I should have no more than 50g of fat per day, but I'm not sure if this is too much. Any thoughts are more than welcome :)

Next Sunday me and a few friends are going out for a meal, it's an indian, and I have no idea what I am able to eat! So I'm going to be googling til I find something that would be OK, lol.

I decided to buy a new outfit for Christmas, and it was delivered this morning, it's really nice, unusual for me to get something that I'm totally happy with. A dress....which I never ever ever ever wear! So I'll probably wear it for the night out with friends and then to church on Christmas day, better get the wear out of it, haha.

I was quite happy as well when I thought to myself that this is going to be the last Christmas where I buy my outfit from a plus size shop, this time next year I'm determined to be a skinny minnie!


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Great to see you are starting your time on the tablets positivly!!!
and im sure next christmas you wont know yourself when you look in the mirror!!!
Good luck with it all...
I was looking up about Indian food the other day. Biriyani was recommended

and avoid the nan bread ;)
unfortunately so. If we want to lose the weight we have to realise we can't eat that kind of thing anymore :(
Have had a really nice, relaxing weekend. The calm before the storm of Christmas I think! Didn't really get up to much at all, but tbh I think I needed that.

Tomorrow is my first day at college while taking Xenical, I'm going to be super careful about what I eat, would hate to be caught out when in college! Have lots to get done tomorrow as well, so would rather not be distracted by anything other than work.

Sidenote: Just watching X Factor just now (go Joe!) and how RUBBISH is George Michael's song, WTF?!

I've been trying to read up more on the best things to eat and avoid on Xenical, but tbh apart from the sticky on the main boards, I can find nothing through google. And I thought I was a good googler, haha. Has anyone got any good pages to visit?

Thanking you muchly!



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ive learnt that making things from scratch is prob the best thing.. ive found loads of low fat recipie books from the library, (i think ive got them all in the area tbh!!LOL)
and just take out any oil butter etc.. and ive been doing fine...
as long as you avoid the wrong foods you cant really go wrong.
ive been on the tablets for 2 months (almost ) and ive not had the oil yet... and ive been kinda playing with fire over the alst few days.. which i need to get out of!!!

hope your doing ok!

Yup, I'm a little excited, ha.

Thanks for your reply Kes, I agree about cooking from scratch, I've found that already from even the first week, frozen stuff just isn't going to be low enough in fat from what I've found.

I'm very happy this week, I've lost 2.5lbs, which is great, especially in the run up to Christmas. I think on Christmas day I'm still going to take the pills, I'm just going to watch what that I'm not eating anything too high in fat. We're pretty traditional in this house, so Christmas dinner is turkey, which is obviously lean anyway, and I'll load up on vegetables instead of loads of roast potatoes or chipolatas. Won't be as strict as normal though, it is Christmas after all!

I've finished college for the holidays now, 3 whole weeks off, hurrah! When I go back in January me and some friends from the course are going to start going to the gym. We really have no excuse not to, there are two days where I have a gap of at least 2.5 hours between classes, and the gym is a 3 minute walk away, so...

I'm really excited about starting there! I couldn't have done it on my own, but having friends to go along with me I can do it. Plus none of us are gym bunnies at the moment, so we can wheeze and look flustered together :D

Back to Christmas talk I'm surprisingly organised this year, which isn't normal for me! All my son's toys were bought by the beginning of December, and they are all out of the box (had to, as we recycle and the bin had to be away today!) and built, thanks to my brother! I'm waiting on deliveries for my sister's present, little cousin and son's Godmother, and I'm done! Still need to wrap though, pah. I've been putting it off, I detest wrapping, I can never do it as neatly as I like and end up frustrated and swearing, lol.

All I need now is to buy my mum's birthday present, which is on 28th December. I can't say too much on here as I know she reads the boards and very ocassionally posts, and I want to keep it a surprise, lol.

Off out later to get my son's vaccinations, it's the MMR this time, which should be fun.

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