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Original Lamb or lamb mince

Hi! I got a 500g bag from Sainsburys, think it was £2, it doesn't say low fat on it but I boil it first, strain off the fat and then rince it twice in hot water before adding to a recipe.
thanks rumbletummy, brilliant idea as I can never find extra lean lamb and pork mince. I tried putting fat free pork pieces through the food processor at christmas to make low fat stuffing and it was just a mess. I like your idea of boiling and rinsing twice, thanks!


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Just so you know SW say that rinsing lean meat in boiling water does not make it syn free - if you happy to tweak the plan then fair enough but the lean stuff is fairly low in syns anyway :)
just got back from Tesco with 2 x 500g packs of extra lean lamb mince for £5 and going to try the lamb skewers in the little recipe book that came with the mag tonight.
Hi there

I use these:-
Tesco Lamb Leg Chops (2 per pack - 350g) in Tesco | mySupermarket

and if you look at the bag -you get 4 in a bag not 2 ;) -they are really nice and as yet we have had no fatty ones..in fact they are hubbies fave and he is funny with lamb... and I told mum about them and quite often in the UK they have them on at 2 bags for £5
Ask a butcher what the cheap cuts of Lamb are - could make very cheap casserole.

My butcher is great, I tell him what I want it for and how much I want to spend and he makes recommendations - he's not been wrong yet and I always seem to get so much for my money!
I use our local asian butcher :) As they only seem to sell lamb and chicken both are really cheap and he'll do whatever I ask him to with it. I buy leg from him diced and minced and he takes all the fat off whilst he's doing it for me - in fact if I'm making kebabs I take the garlic and chillis in and he minces those in the mix for me as well :p

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