Langley Farm Cottage cheese


To celebrate my losses!
Does anyone know if this is low fat cottage cheese or regular?

I am trying to work out how much I can have on the 790 plan.

Many thanks.
Have a look here WLR compares a few cottage cheeses. Langley low fat cottage cheese gets a mention. Perhaps you can see if the tub looks the same
Thanks Karion, that looks like the stuff I am completely besotted with - not overly sure on the fat content so I guess I had better err with caution and go for the smaller amount (which is a full tub) rather than the bigger amount for the 2% fat option.
Hang on. I'll find out for ya
Details I have for Low fat Langley cottage cheese (which is the only one listed, so I guess that's the same one)

Serving 100g

Cals 114
Prot 11.5
Carb 3.4
Fat 6.9
Fibre 0

One Tub - 250g

Serving Cals 285
Prot 28.8
Carb 8.5
Fat 17.3
Fibre 0
Many thanks, that is very appreciated.
Sorry we were posting at the same time. It says in the book that you can have 8oz of plain cottage cheese or 11oz reduced fat cottage cheese (less than 2% fat) but the info doesn't seem to be available as to whether this is regular cottage cheese or low fat. Or am I missing something??

Thank you so much for your help with this.
Sorry. Had to go to school :eek:

Umm. Just compared this cheese to other brands. Very interesting:eek:

This is for 250g of each. Interesting that the plain Asda one has the same fat content as the 'less than 2%' one:confused:

And the low fat langley one is sooooo high!!!

Only listed the cals and fat. How does the langley one compare with what you have on the tub? If its the same, then perhaps that one should be avoided in future:eek:

1 Tub/250g

Low Fat Soft Cottage Cheese, Langley Farm

Calories : 285.0
Fat : 17.3

Cheese, Cottage, Less Than 2% Fat, Perfectly Balanced, Waitrose

Calories 215.0
Fat : 3.8

Cheese, Cottage, Asda

Calories : 229.2
Fat : 3.8
Ok, I live about 20 mins away from Langley Farm, can actually see the windturbine from my mums house!!!

It is made with full fat products, very natural but never the less full fat!

Its not a low fat cottage cheese, I know its delish but not a great one to have at all in a 790 plan
Bummer lol! Thank you for this very interesting indeed and it is also gutting because I love it the others are OK but not as creamy - duh - that says it all really doesn't it??

And Vicky - wow at living so close, sounds lovely and rural!