lapsed too


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I am so ANGRY with myself. I had my first lapse today and I am furious with myself.

I have come so far and I have been feeling so positive about LL. I met one of the girls from my group and she has had enough and left, she said to me "surly you will stop, you look great dont go too far! don't be one of those ones that gets too thin!" I don't know if this had an impact on me, I know im still overweight and I have lots of goals still to aim for. I just had it in my head all day the I want to just taste something. I made some toast but then binned it. An hour or so later I just totally lapsed, It wasnt becuase I was hungry and it wasnt something I really like it was there and I had a bit then couldnt stop. I dont want to go into details of what I ate but I so bloody annoyed ive ruined it for myself.

I am going to a friends tonight and I am going to walk the couple of miles there and back even if it raining!

I know I have let myself down BIG STYLE! I also feel all the new people starting Ive given advice to I have let them down too.

It was SO not worth it, Im furious with myself!
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please don't be angry with yourself hun, I have lapsed to (in week 7) and as hard as it was, accepted it and put it behind me and started afresh. You have done fab so far, so don't let this stop all your hard work. After all we are only human and to get as far as we/you have is a credit in itself x

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Sounds like your friend that left LL has well and truly sabatoged you. Because she felt bad for leaving group - it was easier if you had a blip too.

Ride above it, and put it behind you hon. I know you are in this for the finish. Don;t beat yourself up - learn from how easily you were will then be more prepared if it happens again.


You are doing great!


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Hi all I can say is i'm sending huge hugs your way, as you know i've lapsed today too and am only in week 4 so I have no advice on how to deal with it BUT we can both get back on track you are doing amazingly well don't let this blip stop you!!

Here's to getting back to abstinence!

Emma xXx


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Thanks BL!!!!

At our meeting this week a few people were talking about lapses and then when I saw the lady that has left, I guess I just though everyone else is doing it!!

I am so angry with myself BUT that's it! I have told you guys because I wanted to be honest and certainly didn't want to disappear of the forum. I am now moving on and not letting anything else pass my lips until Im at goal. I didn't enjoy it, I didn't want it, it was so silly!!

back to my packs tmrw, (I so would have preferred my hot choc and a bar than the crap I ate)

future yummy mummy - that's it we had a lapse and there will be NO MORE!! we need to remind each other how bad we felt after! Not letting anything stop me from getting to goal!


nearly there!! :)
sending hugs hunni.
do not let this little blip set u back. get straight back into it in the morning, and learn from ur mistake.

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I know what you are going through, I lapsed today big time, but tomorrow is another day & I will get back to my packs.
I know why I did it & have learned from it.
The next 4 days are the hardest getting back into abstinence, so good luck & keep posting.


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Don't beat yourself up Emski

Everyone on here is right. Look at what you achieved over all those weeks.
So you lapsed - you are human !
We get so many messages from different sources, other people and in our heads.
We are programmed to give ourselves rewards for doing well or better than others - that's usually foody treats.
Our LLC said we will ALL lapse sometime.
As long as we learn from it and move on it can be positive.
She would also say "build a bridge - get over yourself " !!
You are doing so well.I know you'll get back on board and succeed.


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Well done Cherry

You are in the right frame of mind.
Learn from it and move on


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Hi Emzki,

Hope you are feeling much better about your little lapse. Like everyone has said, you're only human and you shouldn't be too hard on yourself as you've done so so well so far, wowwwwww, only
1 lapse!

You are still an inspiration to those of us that are about to start their journey, look how well you've done so far - so don't let one incident bring you down!

Louale x


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Hi Emzski, you've come clean and already mentioned the goals you have still to aim for - a good start.

You have done so well already and can get back on it. It might be hard for the next few days and you will need to grit your teeth and ride out any hunger pangs. You've done it before and your body will get back into ketosis, you will be back on track and you can lose loads more weight (and get to goal?) by the end of Foundation.


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I am really pleased that it has brought your determination right back but please be kind to yourself. It is natural to feel angry, but you are only human and you learned some lessons. One of which, is that every bit of food you try to eat before you finish this properly, will make you feel much worse than anything was making you feel.

What the woman said to you is a frequently said thing by people who feel better when they don't fail alone. She HAS failed, you have NOT failed. She'll probably put all her weight back on, YOU will not - you're going to losewhat is left.



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Hi everyone

thank you all for your kind words. I am back on my packs today and feeling fine. I was angry at myself yesterday but its behind me now and I moving towards my goals.

Im not gonna beat myself up it was 1 lapse and as you all said I'm only human. Ive learned from it.

Back to shrinking now!!


nearly there!! :)
good on ya hunni chin up xxx


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Oh Emz ((((hugs))))... it sounds like you've already got your head in the right place for carrying on... and as everyone else has said - just don't let the lapse linger too long... it has happened, now kick it into the past and carry on.

On the upside - my LLC told us in our first week that the people that struggle, lapse etc tend to have better long term results due to enhanced respect for eating habits, compulsions etc - so this could have been a little step towards you keeping the weight off for good. Keep looking at the positives...

Onwards and downwards - Me xx

Anna x


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Can i just add that I'm doing CD and in week 9 I had the same problem like yourself and I can't understand why either, but it was hard to get my mind in gear to get back on track but I did. The weigh in that week stayed the same and boy was I pleased. Just imagine how much more weight you can loss in the next 8 weeks. Glad to see your back on track, but now we really do have to dig deep!


Guess who's back...?
S: 16st10lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 3st2.5lb(19.02%)
Great attitude Channy - just keep looking forward to how much more weight you can lose, and how quickly - bad days will come and go, just keep your eye on the prize and you'll get there before you know it.

Me x