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I Can Do This!
.... for the first time in 22 weeks. Not sure how serious it is, but I am disappointed in myself.

Yesterday I was so hungry I kept finding myself at the fridge, or fantasising about food, despite being busy elsewhere. I had eaten all my packs by 6pm so I even went swimming in the evening to try and pass the time away from food, but the feeling was just as strong when I got home. Eventually I took a positive decision to have an extra pack rather than risk giving in to a craving for anything else. This worked, but I have thought about having 5 packs again today. I haven't, but am worried it might become a regular thought - or even a habit.

I have extra packs as I bought an extra weeks supply when we had all the snow in case I couldn't get to the class.
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Jo B

Full Member
Well, as far as lapsing goes I don't think an extra pack was too bad - well done for not piling into proper food. Don't beat yourself up about it, try to work out why you did it and work on that. I am sure the damage won't be too bad x
as lapses go i reckon this won't have done you any harm - but you are right, you don't want it to become a habit.

can you give your packs to a friend/family member to look after for you so the temptation is out of the way?

i bought 6 extra bars from a friend who had stopped going to LL with the idea of eating 2 a day while at glastonbury as i don't want the hassle of shakes - but guess what, they have already gone - somewhere over the last 6 weeks i have had days where i have had 2 bars,
which i know is wrong!

daisy x
don't worry about it! There were some weeks I'd have 5 one day and 3 the next but it wasn't a regualr occurance. But it never made a difference to my weight loss.
I'm sure it won't make a difference. Just don't do it again!!!

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