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LARGE chocolate muffin

I feel abit guilty i had a large chocolate muffin today and im worried it might effect my weight loss :cry:it was just sitting on the side and i reeeally wanted it, so i ate it then afterwards looked at the fat and counted the syns online SW website and it added up to 25 :eek: im really worried! if i be extra good til weigh in day on wednesday with no more than 5 syns a day i should still have a loss right? :(
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don't worry I did this last week but it was with a quiche :s I just stuck to 5 syns a day and had lots of superfree and water and lost a pound. It's not as much as I usually lose so I think it did have an effect but it was still a loss :) I think you'll be ok hun, good luck!
I wouldn't worry. I have my syns weekly and if I fancied one I would have one. Doing weekly syns has never affected my weight loss so far as long as I stick to my allowance and don't go over. Granted I use alot of mine on Vokda & S/L Tonic's but syns are syns right?? I wouldn't sweat it. I would try a get a little exercise in just for your own peice of mind as it will help as Jemma said.

I had a dominos pizza all to myself (counted at 50 syns) last week. I was panicking but I still lost 2lbs, mostly because I was 100% all week and dont use many syns. There is a link to my food diary below.

Just get straight back on plan and you'll be fine x
Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up over it. If you are good for the rest of the week and burn a few extra calories you'll be fine. The whole idea of SW is that you can be human and have slip ups without ruining all your good work. Just make sure when you do have a treat, you really, really enjoy and savour it!! :)
I agree, don't beat yourself up about it. SW is a way of life so if you really fancy a treat have one, syn it and move on huni. If you pull back some syns from now till wednesday I bet you will lose. keep us updated on how you're doing, X

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