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Last 23 pounds.

Hi all, just a question for the goalies and maintainers.

Everyone says I've done enough now and shouldn't lose any more (except me and my councellor and dh supports me too) I've still got one stone nine to go and when I see myself there's still room to lose that on my hips and thighs.

Do you think it's because people generally see your face and neck where it goes from really quickly????

I know mum and dad are struggling because I've only ever been fat and at least a big size 18 at my smallest since I've been about 15 and keep telling them if I'd been slim before they wouldn't think I'd done it.

It's getting hard trying to justify getting to goal so much so I'm lying about my losses telling them one pound or two pound when I've been losing four, six and seven :p

Oh well, I'm going to get this done for me xx
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Ignore what they say dutch.... at the end of the day you need to get down to goal for you noone else...... If you don't lose much more or get down to goal are you going to be HAPPY??????????
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Gosh,Tricky one!
I'm sure that people are just so blown away with how much weight you have lost and how great you must be looking that they don't see the extra bits you do.
You must stop when you are ready,but I think if your CDC and OH are happy for you to lose a bit more then the can't be any harm in giving it a go if you really want to.


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You need to do what feels right to you - you are the person who needs to love and appreciate yourself not your family/friends.

Be true to yourself and all will be well x



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You stop when your happy Dutch and not before. I've had the same for the last stone, my face does go quite thin when i lose weight so people assume i'm smaller than i am, even when i tell them i'm still over bmi 25 and a size 14 they just say well you've lost enough now. And the funny thing is a few years ago i was actually 21lb lighter than i am now and yet people don't seem to remember me being that thin before!

Good luck with the last few pounds, you've done so well :D
I know this might sound a bit daft but I also think it takes a while to adjust to your new face. If I'm absolutely honest when I was at my lowest weight ( a healthy size 12 and BMI 23.5) initially my face did look a bit drawn and could definately see extra wrinkles. But a month or two down the line despite staying the same weight it had somehow plumped up a bit. Don't think I had just got used to it but it took by face / body a little while to catch up with my weight loss. Does that make any sense ???

Anyway, huge congratulations on your progress so far, you've done amazingly well. You need to do whatever you are happy and comfortable with. I think it's important that you reach the goal you have set yourself !:)
I started this diet at 17/7
I am now back in the 11'
at my low I was 11.1
people were funny , they know me as a fat person
and start saying I am too thin early
[ I think they dont want to be the fat person ]
My first goal was 10 stone
I really think that is my weight , I am 5/7+ but I have a small frame.
your face will plump a a little when you go off the diet , what ever it is called that our bodies stores.
so dont worry too much
only do what you think is right , its your body
only you know how you really feel
Dont let others play with your head ,stay strong.
I will be getting to goal this time
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