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Last night at class


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Same here, I was always hungry on ww and never stuck to it for more than a few weeks. I'm the lightest I've been for about 8 years thanks to sw.


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I have never tried WW but I know plenty who have. And seeing some of the WW products and what they class as a portion is laughable!


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Give me REAL food and normal portions any day of the week... we know it works. It's just that big manufacturers have invested a lot of money in marketing and advertising in the WW branded products and the WW classes... They need to sell all those ready meals and desserts that are in the supermarkets. As such, they probably don't appreciate the very real competition from a rival slimming club, who don't have the big marketing budgets, but who have happy, successful members eating normal healthy food, in whatever portions they choose!
i dont ww and lost 2 stone, but it all went back on as in the evenings i was hungry and i used to have a muller light and i had to count as 1.5 but now i can eat them freely.


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I'm actually happy that SW doesn't have a food brand. We can eat anything we like and don't have the pressure of buying branded food. I always have bags of potatoes and pasta and a cupboard full of stuff to go with them. SW can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. I know that with WW you can buy any food you want but I'm sure that a lot of members buy the WW food JUST because it is WW branded and endorsed


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I tried WW once and through the week while I was at work I was ok because I could distract myself from the hunger pangs but at night time & at the weekends it was pure hell, my stomach thought my throat had been cut, I was so hungry all of the time and having to count points all the time was a pain in the rear end. SW is perfect because when I need to binge I know I can & if I am hungry on SW then it is all my own fault and I need to eat more.


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I think that WW is great that it works some people, i just found it too difficult and i couldnt get to grips with the new folder and eating plan. I am coping quite well with SW at the moment.
Same here, I was always hungry on ww and never stuck to it for more than a few weeks. I'm the lightest I've been for about 8 years thanks to sw.
I'm exactly the same! Did WW back in 2003 and hardly got anywhere with it. Felt really deprived and constantly cheated. Stopped staying for class cos the consultant was soooooo boring too.

My SW consultant is miles better and the EE plan suits me down to the ground. :D
I don't get the rivalry thing at all- I love the fact that there are so many ways of losing weight out there- something for everyone.

My sister loves WW because she eats a lot of conveience foods and likes the fact that she can point it- she doesn't like cooking from scratch.

My best friend does Tesco diets as she is completely disorganised and likes the fact that she can just grab something off the shelves and is fine as long as it is withing her calorie allowance

I love SW because I love to cook and love the flexibility it gives ME...

We all hit a 50lb weight loss a month or so ago, so each is working fine- down to individual taste I guess!


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It's definately about what is right for the individual. I just know that I could never do WW as it wouldn't suit me. Any diet where you have to 'count' fruit just seems unnatural to me. I love SW and would never do anything else. I know people who didn't get on with SW too!

Horses for courses I guess!
My sister lost about 2 stone on ww - but shes started to pack it back on now she's eating normally again. I tried it too - but i was only allowed something like 21 points and i was way too hungry. SW is the only diet i've really succeeded on!


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I would love to know how many people switch from SW to WW... usually it's the other way round?

At my group so many people start and say that they have come from WW and not liked it... or some people have done SW for a bit (as they've not lost weight as fast as they want) then gone to WW and THEN switched back again to SW!

O/T a bit but I HATE that WW advert with the lady in the black dress and red belt who says 'all my cravings were in my head' or smthing like that. How annoying!


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i like my food too much to do weight watchers , i like there desserts though. i'm a comfort eater and i need the full feeling at least with sw i can control that and i don't have the guilty feelings that go hand ijn hand with being full.

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