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Last Nights Weigh In


One Day at a Time
Morning All You Early Birds

I had my 1st weeks weigh-in last night. By the time I got home I couldn't face the computer so I thought I'd catch up with you all today.

Anyway I lost a whopping 11.4lbs - OMG! :eek:

I am so carrying on with LL.

Oh but I am not drinking enough water apparantly - I've been doing about 5 1/2 litres a day 'but the Ketostix he say no' - very red... tut tut!
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Well done LollyPop. What an absolutely wonderful first week's loss!
Well done! This diet is the mutts nuts - it's amazing how fast it works and how quickly you get results!!!

My ketostix is NEVER pink when I go to see her, no matter how much I have had to drink that day, simply because it's not convenient for me to drink between finishing work and going to class. I'm used to her raised eyebrow stares now when I exclaim "But I've had three litres today!"


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Ah don't you worry about the ketostix - you are a human being with a brain capable of independent thought. He is a piece of plastic and sponge capable of turning a selection of colours! You know the truth!
Definately ignore the ketostix if you know you are drinking enough, mine is always dark violet reagrdless of having drunk 4-5 litres pre-meeting and my counsellor doesn't believe me either! Have only managed to ever get it a bit lighter by drinking all day, a sip of water every 5 minutes which with my laboratory based work is not practical! You know if you are drinking enough water.


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well done!, today is my first day, I hope I get such a great result next monday,

congrats again xxxxx

WELL DONE!!!!!!! What a fabulous 1st wk loss - keep up the good work.
:wow:Well done great weight loss keep going girl:):party0049:


One Day at a Time
Thanks Guys. My LLC was actually suprisingly OK. She just asked me how much I was drinking - no accusatory tone - thank god - and I think she believed me. She just told me to up it to 6 litres. Yeah right - not sure I'm going to manage that.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts... it really is worth it.

And Sun.. keeping the fingers crossed for you hun... all I did was stick to the foodpacks so everyone can do it. Just don't be tempted. Make sure you let us know how you get on next week!
WOW Lollypop I am veeeeeeeeery impressed! Well done you :party0011::party0011: I bet you're very proud of you for sticking with it!

I have my WI tomorrow night, although have only been on LL since Sunday......so not sure what mine will be like! Hope I see some change though :innocent0002:



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aww sarah, I started today, how you finding it x
Hi Sun - so far so good................it's going to be a long road, but I'm feeling pretty determined now. My only problem is drinking more than 4 litres of water a day.....hoping it's enough.

I have my WI tomorrow night (my class night) so we'll see how I've done for the first few days.

Good luck to you - it's great having support on here isn't it :)


One Day at a Time
Thank you guys. Really appreciate your kind words. good luck for all your imminent weigh-ins. Sparkle-star - I'm on msn some evenings - that would be good you can add me as [email protected]

Hope you all have a fab morning tomorrow and I'll check-in after my swim with DS tomorrow afternoon.


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hi sarah,

sorry not replied last night, I was on nightduty, this forum is fantastic and is going to be my lifeline!, I drank 5 litres yesterday which was OK apart from the wee(ing) constantly, I'm going to keep trying to drink 5 ltrs to see how it goes, good luck for your WI let me know hun, I dont have MSN mess, maybe its time to do so

sun x

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