Last two stone diary

Having lost 9 1/2 stone and finding it difficult to focus and stick to my regime 'til the end, I thought it would be good to diary it so you can all encourage me!

I need to lose 2 stone more to get to 10 stone (realistically I'll stop at 10st7-8ish). My weight loss started at university. During 1st year I was very good - got to the gym 3 times most weeks, and didn't eat much junk (meals weren't GREAT because I was only a half-decent cook then). In second year, I lived with friends, and started picking up a few bad habits, though continued to lose weight at a satisfactory rate. Now, in my third year, I seem to have hit a plateu, and find it hard to focus on weight loss. To be honest, I'm bored of it. My best friend came home from work today with a big bag of Haribo and a Whispa, which she will have eaten by now... most of the people around me are like that, but slim (unfit though, I bet!).

I'll reveal more as I go along...

Lee x
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Not a good start: I spent all of yesterday ill in bed, throwing up for no discernable reason! Must have spent at least 36 hours in bed. On the plus side (from the p.o.v. of calorie intake), I didn't eat a thing yesterday... I could only just keep water down.

Feeling better today though. I made a curry and nan breads (completely from scratch) for dinner, since the chicken had to be used. At the pub, I had one coke and one diet coke... would have had diet twice, but it was off on our first visit to the bar. We came home early, and two of my flatmates got takeaway on the way back. I resisted the temptation well. (The fact that I'm fairly skint and I'm able to knock up a decent meal from whatever's in my kitchen helps the takeaway resistance.)

I am now really looking forward to outdoor ice skating in Manchester on Wednesday, followed by a cinema date with the sort of boyfriend. He can't ice skate, and nor can several others who are going, so it should be hilarious... for me Muhahaha.


Over half way to target
S: 15st2lb C: 11st2lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 4st0lb(26.42%)
Lee - the sickness could be from eating things that 'had to be used'............!!!

Well done on resisting the takeaway though.

The outdoor skating sounds like a lot of fun.

Good luck!
Yay, finally, an all round good day! I got up at 8:00 (been up at like 11 all week), had a light breakfast including fruit then went to the gym. Very healthy eating today, veggies with lemon and cumin seeds in wholemeal pittas, tuna potato salad (low fat mayo!)... more fruit.And, what's more, I managed to write several hundred words for my dissertation... it's about time that happened.

This is probably the first weekend in several weeks that the boyfriendish sort of it's complicated guy hasn't come over to watch sci-fi shows while cuddling and kissing, which is a bit crap, but at least my body and my academic career are thanking me for today! Hope to be doing that again soon though :(
Looking in the mirror, I'm feeling a little happier with the shape of my body at the moment. I think all those abdominal crunches are finally paying off.

Last night my brother visited me at uni and we had a night out with a couple of my mates. First night out ever with my brother! It was going soooo well, we had a great time, then some twat pickpocketed my phone! Luckily it was the cheapest phone I could get in Phones 4 U when my decent phone broke... it was on Canal St, and me and my brother chased the guy off down the canal!

Today is uni Christmas. I'm responsible for the cooking, so better get to it!
I'm back home now for Giftmas. Gonna be putting a lot of bad things into my body on the day, but not too bothered about it... it's one day a year, after all (well, two when you have a uni xmas and a home xmas).

For the second year now, I'm doing the cooking on xmas day. I really enjoy cooking and Mum doesn't, so I may as well give her a break... and a dishcloth. I'm following Nigella this year. Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster I would go straight for Nigella! (Wouldn't get on with her father of course!)

I've lost 5 lbs since last weighing myself, which isn't great really since it's been several weeks. Eating socially with my friends has become a habit this year, and although we cook balanced meals together the problem is that we always have an abundance of food. I'm going to have to stop doing it.

Have a wonderful Winterval, everyone! x
Amazingly I didn't gain weight over Christmas. But I suppose it wouldn't have shown on the scales so soon. Anyway, after a very unhealthy new year's party (though suffice to say I did burn off a few calories shortly after midnight), I'm back to being healthy again.

Now just to sort out that getting out of bed four hours later than planned problem.