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Laura In Wonderland..

G: 10st0lb
..So where to begin?
Hey! Im Laura. I 'd love to live in my own little world, where diet food consisted of chocolate, cupcakes, pots of tea and general merryment. Its safe to say the mad hatter tea party would suit me down to a........well..tea! Alas the REAL world is a lot less wonderland, and a little more welcometotherealworld-land!

Being fairly new (ish) to minimins, it took me a while to get the hang of threads, and subscribing etc (in fact I'm still getting to grips with it). So far I have found an endless list of yummy recipes and lovely people, who are willing to help, with anyone's journey.

So I've decide to make a food diary/recipe/daily drivel blog to help myself and others, with things I'm struggling with, or information I might happen to find out that could be useful. I though it would be good to see where I'm going wrong and also were I'm going right, to see how it effects my losses.

Here's to tea party's the sliming world way!
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Hi Laura...im fairly new aswell...good luck on your journey :)
G: 10st0lb
Hey Gemma, Thankyouuuuuu, good luck to you as well!

Today was supposed to be weigh in day t I had some trouble at the dentist and I missed it. So starting new batch of 70syns tomorrow.

Today was EE day

Breakfast: 2x fried egg in fry light, 1x slice of wholemeal toast, pear, plum

Lunch: sweet potato jacket, leftover chilli con carne (1.5 syns)

Tea: macaroni cheese (3syns), bacon, baby tomatoes, banana

Snacks: velvet crunch (4syns), wasabi peas (4syns)

Total syns: 12.5
G: 10st0lb
I also made syn free cheese scones today,recipe which I found on here, they went down a treat, mam, dad AND boyfriend (who thinks eating 1 block of cheese a day is 'cutting down') even enjoyed them! So they were a massive hit and so easy to make. I will deffo be making a batch of these babies again.
G: 10st0lb
Been browsing the world of minimins and I think I'm going to have magic porridge in the morning, yummmmmmyyy :0)
G: 10st0lb
So today was EE

Breakfast: nothing, I was lazy and got up at 11am

Lunch: wagamanas chicken I tame (put all the info into slimming world calculator, and comes out as free! Which is weird because I know it has coconut milk in?.....Log in, register or sign up - Slimming World), bottle of water.

Tea: slimming world chicken and leek pie, green beans, carrots, Banana

Snack: skimmed milk latte (HEA) with sugar free caramel syrup, 1 alpen light (1/2 HEB)

Total Syns : 0
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ive been really lazy with slimming world and havn't written up my diarys. But ive been so hectic with job intervews ect, and general life organising i'll let myself off.

Today EE (i always do ee)

Breakfast: Mini Curly Wurly (3syns) :17729:

Lunch: Roast Veg Soup, 1 slice of wholemeal bread (HEB), Shepherds pie, carrots and peas.

Snack: Skimmed milk latte (HEA), with sugar free hazelnut syrup :yuk: they had no sugar free caramel :(, fibre plus bar (6syns)

Tea: steak, roasted veg, egg fried rice

Total syns: 9
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Hi i was sooo looking forward to its aswell :(, planned my whole day of food. Ooo i had a skimmed milk latte from costa with sugar free caramel syrup, and it was gorgeous :D i would really recommed having it if they have the sugar free syrup, its really sweet :D
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let me know what you think :D I hope you like it

Tomorrows my daddy's birthday, so I'm gonna cook a slimming world friendly paella! Maybe meats and pickes to start or scallops if I can get some. Saving syns for gin : yum:
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G: 10st0lb

Brunch: 2x nimble, tinned spaghetti, ham, pear

Tea: crab, 2x mini bruschetta (2syns), paella, summer fruits and fat free yoghurt, 2x slimline gin and tonic (5 syns)


Breakfast: 2x boiled egg, 2x nimble (HEB)

Lunch: turkey, beef, carrot, turnip, sprouts, roast potatoes (2syns), boiled potatoes, gravy (2syns), 1/2 Yorkshire pudding (2syns)

Tea: few chicken strips, 2x small glasses rose wine (12syns)
G: 10st0lb

Brunch: leftover paella (3 syns)

Weigh in- I lost 3 1/2 lbs yay, and got my half stone shiny. I've also joined bootcamp so I'm hoping this helps speed up my losses. So tomorrow is the start of a new slimming world week. I'm gonna count up my syns for the week, after everyday to see how many I'm using in the week in total.

45 min bootcamp

Tea: homemade vegetable and lentil soup with ham, chicken, rice, butter beans, peppers and an options hazelnut hot chocolate (2syns), sugar free jelly (0.5syns)
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Tuesday (EE)

Lunch: 2x nimble, tinned sphagetti, 2x morrisons cumberland eat smart sausage, cup of tea.

Forgot to have any fruit after, FOAMING!

Snack: Velvet crunch (4syns)

Tea: Homemade nandos :D, chicken breast with hot peri peri marinade (1syn), slimming world chips with paprika salt, salad, half a white roll (3syns), piece of birthday cake (7syns), two satsumas.

Total syns: 15

55syns left until Tuesday 29th

HEB: 2x Wholmeal nimble
HEA: 250mls semi skimmed milk
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Thankyouuuuuu, hope it's going well for you. How was the caramel latte? :D
G: 10st0lb
Wednesday (ee)

Breakfast: French toast (HEB), 0% total, frozen berries, drizzle of honey (1syn)

Lunch: apples x2

45 min bootcamp :D

Tea: salmon, dry fried cabbage, cous cous, butter beans, chorizo (2.5 syns)

HEB: 2x slices nimble

Total syns 3.5

Syns left: 51.5
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