Laura's Final food diary- the journey to a new me! Once and for all!

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  1. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! I've had a few months away from here and SW the past couple of months due to surgery. I've gained a couple of stone that i need to shift i don't want to end up completely back at square one! I have decided i will get to target once and for all!

    Now that surgery is out of the way along with my holiday, i have no excuse why i can't be focused now until Christmas. My only exception being my 8 year anniversary in the middle of November which no doubt will include a meal out so i plan on flexi synning. Apart from that i hope to stick to plan 100% in the rub upto christmas. Just under 17 weeks to go! I need to do this or i'll never get my motivation back.

    Please feel free to me a kick up the bum and keep me motivated :)!
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  3. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Run upto christmas shall i say lol! Xx
  4. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Breakfast: HExB- 60g wholemeal bread

    2x eggs, 1/2 can plum tomatoes, 3x rashers of bacon (fat removed)

    Lunch- 200g mackerel (3) 2x plums, 2x peaches, yog (0.5)

    Snack- aldi twister lollyice (2)

    Tea- SW chilli (passata, chopped tomatoes, garlic, pepper, onion, mushrooms, tom puree, rice, chilli powder)

    Snack- aldi cereal bar (3.5) mikado x2 (1)

    Total- 10

    Breakfast- HExB- 35g porridge oats

    Magic porridge- (forest fruits, fat free natural yogurt)

    Snack: banana, yog (0.5) sw pancake (10g flour) (2)

    Dinner- chicken and salad (mixed salad and tomatoes)

    Snack- peach, aldi twister lollyice (2)

    Tea- chicken, sw oxo roast, butternut squash, broccoli, mushrooms, 15g cheese (aldi light garlic philly) spread (1) peas and sweetcorn

    Snack- angel delight 3

    Yog: (1)

    Total: 9.5
  5. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    120 days until christmas so its 1/119 to go x
  6. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Hi Laura - welcome back. 120 days til christmas - can't believe that!!

    On iPhone so can't see your stats but you can definitely make a big difference in 4 months!

    SW diet defo seems to be the most popular on here - does seem generous food wise.

    Are you exercising at all? Xx
  7. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Ooh also - what's magic about the porridge? Seen that referenced quite a few times!
  8. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Hiya- Christmas will soon come round won't it :-/! Like you say alot can be achieved in 4 months and this is the most motivated i have been in a long time.

    I can't exercise at the moment due to having an osteotomy on my meta-tarsal due to Freiberg's disease so still recovering at the moment. Hoping to join gym and do a local fat blast class weekly seens as the football season is back on....oh the joys! Lol. But i'm not going to overdo it as i gain when i exercise so only 2/3 times a week is the plan.

    I actually don't know why it's called magic porridge lol, but i do enjoy it! It makes a change from the usual. When i'm back to work i think i'll be taking it with me as its so easy to prepare the night before.

    A layer of frozen fruit in the bottom of a container (mines a little square sandwich one) and then 35g if porridge oats, a sprinkle of sweetener and then cover completely with a yog of your choice but i use fat free nat yog hence the sweetener and then a couple more bits of fruit on top. Then seal and leave overnight in fridge for the mornings brekkie :) xx
  9. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Sounds delish! I'm a foodie and love hearing all the different menus! Destamia has me drooling most days!! She has a really nice breakfast too which is similar to your one I think
  10. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member



    Breakfast: HExB 35g porridge oats (magic porridge) forest fruits, blueberries and fat free natural yog and a banana :)
  11. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    omg on computer now and can see your stats - you've lost nearly 7 stone already!!!! you are amazing!!

    well done
  12. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    I've put roughly 2 stone of that on, i'm on my IPhone so i don't know how to update it. I'm so surprised that i'm still fitting in 12/14 tops althought my pants are a little snug, suppose that is where my height plays its part.

    But back on track, i really cant go back to what i was :-(!

    2x pancakes (4x eggs and sweetener)
    And a peach for snack.
  13. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    5 stone is still amazing. 21st to 12st 7 has a half way point of around 60lbs. You've still lost more than that even with the regain so you're on the home straight ;-)

    I know you have a little way to go but 5stone is stilll amazing and imagine how different you'll look when you lose the next 5 stone.
  14. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    I thought that the other day, its good that ive realised i need to get back in focus before it's too late. Day 3 on track so almost halfway through my 1st week back on plan! :).

    Lunch: BBQ Chicken pasta (spinach, red onion, garlic, passata, worcestershire saice, mustard powder, balsamic vinegar and sweetener)

    Skinless chicken breast and pasta.

    Fruitopolis yogurt (0.5)
  15. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    100ml Aldi choc fudge milkshake (3.5)
  16. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    SW rice pudding - HExA:275ml ss milk, pudding rice and added sweetener
  17. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Tea: diced beef with fried onion and mushrooms in frylight of course :) and SW wedges in chinese 5 spice

    Angel delight (3)
  18. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Aldi twister lollyice (2)
  19. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Total syns: 9 Day 2/118 complete
  20. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    Breakfast: 4x rashers of bacon (fat off) mushrooms and 2x eggs

    HExA: 200ml ss milk and 100ml of aldi milkshake (3)
  21. lauratrev

    lauratrev Well-Known Member

    2x HExB cereal bars (Aldi lighter bars)

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