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Laura's Week 8 Weigh In !!


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Very Happy :p - 2 lbs down this week and in to the 13's - still enjoying it as much as day 1 !!

Thank you everyone for your positive support and comments - I am sure that it is all helping me on my journey !!
well done you, that weight is gone for ever ;)
Sadly, I didn't get the sponsorship - however, on a positive note the feedback in terms of my answers was good - but, and there is always a but.............. my interview technique needs some work, but this was to be expected as this was my first interview in 14 years !! and did I chat - too much........... ohyeah - way too much but I was very nervous......
I am ok about it all - and the timing for me could have been better - so it was mean't to be I am sure.....


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Where's my reply gone????? DUR???? How can a reply disappear into thin air???

Okay then ........ try again .....

WELL DONE Laura!!!!!! - you're doing soooooo well. 2st in 8 weeks is amazing on a real food plan IMO!! You're an inspiration. You and Jess are really showing everyone how it's done.

Very sorry 'bout job, but really good experience and as you say obviously wasn't meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. There'll be something along much better in every way - you watch. xx


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Sorry to hear about the job interview :( But maybe it is a blessing and something better is round the corner.

I do the chatty nervous thing too - it's difficult when the nerves hit.
Thank you - you are so sweet !! - all of you...... In terms of the interview it was to do a masters along side my day job at a university some 100 + miles away, requiring overnight stays and increasing my hours and possibly a change of contract (at present have a term time contract) and wait for it..........the course starts next week with completion of the initial unit/module within 6 months and you are expected to stay on the same band and have to apply formally for another post - when and if it becomes available - so with 2 big hols in the next 6 months and my DD not in school full time until 2010 - I do think this is probably for a reason and I will at least remain sane for the foreseeable future............


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This probably just illustrates my complete lack of ambition but ..... why would you want to do that anyway?? :) ;)

Rhetorical question I'm sure you realise ..... :) xx


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You DO know I was joking I hope!

That's what I meant by it showing my lack of ambition - I never could have done all that ... and it was rhetorical because I do realise why YOU would want to do it but was dismissing the disappointment of not getting it with "weeeeeeeeeel wouldn't want to do it anyway - so there"

Sorry if I offended :( xx
Of course you didn't offend and I also was joking and forget that the computer doesn't show the chuckles - I should have added joke joke !! - To a certain point I aggree with you - and WHY would I really want to put myself and my family through it ?? But I will because I am largely coasting at work - I have done the same job for 14 years in the same place and I saw this opportunity as a time to refocus on me and what I want !! and I had always planned to do a degree at some point !!

Please - you would struggle to upset me or offend as you are so sweet, funny, kind and really wise !!


maintaining since June'09
:hide: Awwwww Shucks!!! :hug99: xxx

:silly: PHEW!!!! :D

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