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    Hey everyone,

    I've been on minimins for about 2 years, maybe a bit more.. and I've had diaries all over the forums. I'm pretty sure I've tried every diet our there, never sticking to anything for longer than a week, and then jumping over to something else and failing at that too, and the cycle went on and on...

    Looking back now I'm pretty sure I kept failing at diets just to allow myself another night of "freedom" and crappy food.

    I'd start a diet, tell myself I was gonna be positive and stick with it & all that new diet stuff.. I'd soon give up after a day or two, then find another new diet out there that I'd think was better & would work for me more, so I'd plan to start that the next day, and in the meantime go out and order a takeaway or go to the shop and buy heaps of chocolate.. I'd always call it "the last blow out" before starting the new diet.. but I tried and failed at so many diets that this last blow out night occured very frequently, and subsequently I gained a lot more weight over the months while this pattern was playing out.

    Anyway, at my heaviest I've been 15st 12lbs, that was January 2013. And at my lightest I've been 9st 7lbs, which is where I'd like to be again, but I haven't been that light since November 2011.

    Currently I weigh 13st.. I did manage to get down to 12st 3lbs last September, but then fell into bad habits over Christmas that I still haven't broken out of and consequently gained a lot of weight back.

    So yeah, after trying most diets out there, I've finally realised its not the diets that are the problem, its my willpower.. I think I've finally reached breaking point where I realise as much as I enjoy the freedom of eating what I want and however much of it I want.. I don't enjoy being overweight, feeling uncomfortable and feeling like I have zero confidence. So it's time to get back on the wagon and find myself again!

    I'm gonna be calorie counting cause it's the only thing I've always has success with in the past.. and is how I got down to 13st from 15st 12lbs last year in only 5 short months. Unfortunately due to not really dieting or watching what I eat the last year I've stayed the same weight that I was last June! - at least I haven't gained I suppose!

    I've chosen to eat 1200 calories daily, and do my best to make the healthiest and cleanest options food wise. I do go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and when I workout it consists of weight lifting followed by HIIT (high intensity interval training) as recommended by a personal trainer. So on training days I consume up to 1700 calories, the extra calories coming from Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1 Whey Protein Recovery Powder (also recommended by trainers).

    I must admit that since I started weight lifting I've noticed a huge change in my body composition! I have lost inches and body fat and am smaller and firmer now at 13st than I was last June at 13st.

    I'm currently a UK size 12-14, depending on the store, and my measurements are as follows -

    Bust - 40" (breast implants)
    Waist - 32"
    Belly (around fullest part when relaxed) - 40"
    Hips - 41"
    Thighs - 25"

    I'll keep check of measurements probably every fortnight. And weight will be every week. Starting date is today and I'm 13st 0lb exactly.

    I'll be on this evening to post my calorie diary!
    Happy Tuesday!
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    I forgot to log on yesterday evening, but yesterdays food diary was as follows -

    Breakfast -
    2 weetabix with 150ml skimmed milk - 187 cals

    Mid Morning Snack -
    Banana & custard Muller light - 99 cals

    Lunch -
    Warburtons wholemeal sandwich thin - 100 cals
    1 laughing cow light triangle - 25 cals
    3 slices wafer thin honey roast ham - 36 cals

    Afternoon Snack -
    Chocolate & caramel protein bar - 380 cals

    Post Workout -
    ON 2:1:1 recovery protein shake - 420 cals

    Dinner -
    125g lean beef mince - 155 cals
    125g dolmio light bolognese sauce - 35 cals
    30g grated light cheddar cheese - 95 cals

    Total - 1532

    I went to the gym and did weight training (legs day, ouch) followed by 10 minutes of HIIT sprints on the treadmill. I used to wear a polar heart rate monitor but I've somehow managed to lose it.. usually this workout burns about 400-500 calories, I don't eat the calories back but I do have the recovery shake. So even though I'm over the daily goal of 1200 by 332 that's accounted for with the workout :)

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    Hi Lauren,

    I am also calorie counting as i want to change my whole lifestyle so that i hopefully end up maintaining once the weight has gone, I was doing okay but got a bit stuck the last week as no change =( I would love to go to the gym but don't know anyone and not keen to go on my own so am walking in the evenings and hopefully going to start swimming soon...

    What day is your weigh in day? x
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