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  1. VixenBuffy

    VixenBuffy Full Member

    Hi all - Twinings do the following:

    Nettle & Peppermint
    Peppermint & Eucalyptus

    Theres also Green tea, Lapsang Suchong tea, Earl Grey, Darjeeling (alight golden tea has a delicate character and flavour likened to the Muscatel grape) these are all leaf teas. Pu-Er tea is supposed to aid weight loss - I have seen this at Tesco or Dunnes in Ireland.

    I found the following info:

    Pu’Er tea has been celebrated since the Tang Dynasty ( 618AD-906AD ) for its health benefits and curative powers in certain diseases. Modern medical science has recently shown that the health benefits of Pu’er tea may be more than just Chinese folklore. Since 1970 France, Japan and China have been conducting many scientific studies on Pu’Er tea which suggest that it may:
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]reduce cholesterol in the blood stream[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]reduce body weight[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]help to reduce high blood pressure, heart & liver diseases related to high saturated fat diets[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]detoxify the liver[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]help prevent intestinal infection, digestive problems and constipation[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]help to prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body due to its anti-oxidants

    As I have a sweet tooth I would take all the above with tablet sweetner. Enjoy!

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  3. cuddlyfairy

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    Thanks for the info, I just wish I could stand tea black!!! I loved it with milk before LT but couldn't drink it without the milk!

  4. Jewel

    Jewel Member

    God I miss proper milky tea :( Have used Pu er tea before though, and it did seem to help with hunger pangs, not too unpleasant either! Apparently posh spice swears by it, if it's good enough for her!:D
    There is a really nice blackcurrent version of it, but I'm sure we're not allowed that!
  5. Champess

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    Slim & Save
    Are you allowed Earl Grey (I think it has lemon in it)

    One I like is Red bush - tetley do a nice one (or Rooibos) it's really good for your tummy too and has no caffine
  6. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    You are allowed Earl Grey, but no lemon. Normal earl grey is fine.
    Does anybody know about Tick tock tea? It's from the founders of rooibos who make redbush and just wondered if we are allowed it,my friend says its very nice.
  7. VixenBuffy

    VixenBuffy Full Member

    Im not sure about the Tick Tock tea, trying to find out about it. Yes the Earl Grey on its own is fine, but as Slinkeymalinkey said dont add the lemon - the lemon is not already in it but most people drink it with a squeeze of lemon. WebsiteI am checking says you drink the Tick Tock tea with milk - and as milk is not used with fruit teas I am guessing that that is also fine to drink! (Obviously without the milk added!!!)
  8. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    That's exactly what i was thinking Vixen, thanks. I emailed tick tock on friday so awaiting a response.
  9. mushroom

    mushroom Full Member

    optislim vcdl
    just an idea, i havent started lt yet not until mid week. so if im talking rubbish please tell me lol.

    vanilla shakes, could we not mix half a vanilla shake and add that too tea/coffee instead of milk????

    or am i completly mental
  10. VixenBuffy

    VixenBuffy Full Member

    Yes you could, a good few people add coffee to their vanilla shake and have latte - I have started doing that as I am not keen on vanilla shakes - anything else vanilla I love lol but my favourite is chocolate.
    Good luck when you start! This forum is great, there are plenty of great ideas!
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