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Leah's CC diary


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So I thought I would start a diary here to keep me on track and hopefully get some tips and support from you guys.

I started calorie counting again on Monday but it didn't start too well as my boyfriend and brother ordered pizza. But since I haven't eaten anything like that in so long it didn't agree with me and made me sick :(

I've been trying to eat 4 meals a day as I find it really works for me and generally I get hungry every 3 hours or so so it means that I'm not snacking between meals. However last night I'd gone to my boyfriends to have dinner and when I got there he was still working and had to nip out. I was already hungry when I got there and had to wait an hour for him to sort himself out and after all that he had nothing in the fridge. By this point I could have eaten the mouldy block of cheese he had and I was craving junk.

Eventually we went to Tesco which is a bad idea when I'm starving as I was eyeing up the chocolate, doughnuts and crisps. It was so hard to say no when my bf offered to 'buy me something nice' and even as I walked to the crisp aisle I was hoping they wouldn't have my favourite ones there, but they did and I stood and talked to myself for 5mins thinking how angry I'd be with myself if I ate them. So I walked away.
In the end we had salmon, salad and cous cous which was lovely and had strawberries and cream for afters which took me about 100cals over my amount which I'm ok with considering how hungry I was and all the crap I resisted eating.

It's so hard for my boyfriend to understand as he has a healthy relationship with food. If he wants something he just eats it but he isn't aware of the constant battle I find myself in and the resulting guilt and shame I feel if I eat something I know I shouldn't have.

I haven't craved junk food for about 2 months but it just shows that if I let myself get that hungry I will become grumpy and nasty and want to eat everything in sight and undo all my hard work.

Sorry I've gone on a bit there lol
Just wanted to introduce myself :)
Hope you're all ok

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Hey, welcome back to ccing... Blooming well done in the crisp aisle, I would have been covered in dorito crumbs by the time I walked to the check out... Yay you!!!

How many cals will you be eating a day? Have you had a look at MyFitnessPal? It's a great website and phone app that helps you to keep track of calories.

Good luck with your journey. x


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Thank you :)
Yep got the app on my phone. Will be having 1200cals a day :)

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Agh! So angry at myself.
Went out tonight and didn't drink at all (until my friend sabotaged me by putting vodka in my diet coke, which me and my bf quickly threw in a plant pot)
But then we all went to McDonald's and ended up having a quarter pounder and fries which was a whopping 870 calories which leaves me with 330cals for the whole of Sunday ha.
I haven't touched crap like this since I started so its made me feel awful.
I will be doing a lot of zumba tomorrow to make up for it as much as it can!
Please tell me off for being so weak willed!

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Hi Leah, I'm afraid telling you off is not up my street, rather do a bit of "sermonising" ..lol!...So are you ready ?

I'm not one for adding "bad" foods or "sins" to my daily vocabulary,we just make different choices and if it's not in our set menu for the regime we are on it can usually be integrated into the rest of the day or just be put down as a "treat". That way no negative thoughts start to crowd in to make us feel dejected and up tight which is bad for trying to lose weight anyway. It will also help in knowing that WE are in charge of what happens and can do something about it. There are always going to be those moments when this sort of thing happen because it's part of being human, so cheer up, give yourself a pat on the back for what you have acheived up to now and get back to it a.s.a.p. .... :D

All the very best to you ... :)
I'm sure you probably burn at least 400 cals doing an hour of zumba so you can easily get rid of half of that maccy d's to make it a normal regular cal meal... This is why I love calorie counting!!!

I'm in need of something higher cal today before I eat my own arm. So I'm going to do body jam for an hour and go for a long walk... bingo 800/1000 cals earnt so I can shove a burger in my gob and in no way feel guilty!!! x


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Thanks guys,
I did some zumba and earnt myself 350ish cals so I've been able to eat quite well.
Had chicken salad and strawberries and cream and some random bits of fruit and veg so not too bad. Luckily I've not been that hungry today.
It's my weigh in tomorrow though so I hope it hasn't affected me too much.

There was a time when I would have had a McDonald's and then eaten rubbish all day without any regard for calories or whether I was hungry or not so iv seen a big change in my attitude to food.
Hope you're all doing well.
How was your burger lindsey?

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I had a chicken burger in the end... trying to save a little on cals... it was really dry and horrible so left most of it... then had pizza in the evening!!!

It was good, def needed to have a bit of what I fancy I was getting so unhappy. Showing a 2lb sodium gain this morning, but that will be gone in no time just need to drink more water that usual.

Well done on burning off some of the maccy d's I bet it has made all the difference. x


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That's why I like cc because its so flexible so you can have whatever you want :)
Zumba must have made a difference because I lost 2lb at my WI this morning. Really happy with that!
Have a good day

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Wahoo!!! Congrats that's a great loss!!! x

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