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Lean Meat???

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I know this prob sounds like a really dumb question but what is lean meat? i looked all round asda and the only lean meat i could find was mince????

When i asked my slimming world leader she said it was any decent meat with all the fat removed is this correct??

Thanks x
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Yes that is correct. Lean meat is meat without any fat or skin (in the case of poultry). With mince it has to be extra lean, i.e. 5% fat or less.
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You don't need to buy specially lean cut's of meat if you do the work yourself ie.remove all visible fat. It's often quite a bit cheaper to buy what you normally would and remove fat. I do it with bacon though you can buy lean stuff with the fat already off.:)


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Where can I buy lean bacon from because I've searched Tesco high and low and none of them say lean on them.


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Basically just look for bacon with all the fat trimmed off it - Tesco do bacon medallions as part of their Healthy Eating range - or just cut the fat off yourself. All the major supermarkets do lean cuts with very little fat as do weight watchers.


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Thanks, I will have another look then :)


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I asked for lean lamb mince in Asda once and he said they only do it on demand - I was like, well mate, I'm demanding! :eek: lol... But then he said the lamb mince they already had was pretty much lean anyway... I counted a few extra syns that day, as I really couldn't be sure! xxx
Mince is marked up as lean or extra lean because it would be difficult to see how much fat it had just by looking.

But for other meats, just use your eyes. Cut off all the fat you can see. If you get skinless, boneless chicken thighs, which I often do, unfold them and cut off any little bits of fat you see inside.

All meat has a certain amount of fat in it - no such thing as fat-free meat even if it is completely lean to look at. But we all need a little bit of fat in our diets - we would be very unwell without it.

Just take a good look at what you are buying, and trust your judgement. And make sure you have a sharp knife!!


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Tesco sell "reduced fat" healthy living pork mince as well as normal pork mince. I generally trim all visible fat off the meat before I cook it and that seems to be fine. For mince I drain any fat/juices out after frying it off to ensure it's as lean as poss.

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