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lefthandside diary!

Hi all, this is the first time I have posted in this forum, although I have posted a few times in other parts of this site depending on what diet I am doing!!! This year I have attempted WW numerous times (I was really successful on this about 6 years ago and lost over 2 stone) but I now just can't seem to stick to it! I've tried Atkins twice this year, felt like rubbish and gained more back when I stopped. I've recently been thinking about CD but with Xmas coming up, I think it would be a waste of time. I know deep down that to lose this weight I just need to eat less and move more!!
My aim is to weigh what I weighed when I got married 6 years ago - 9 stone, I am currently 11 10. So a way to go. I would really like to be nearly there by my little boys 3rd birthday at the end of March, I originally said I would lose my baby weight by the time he was one, I am now a stone heavier than the day I had him!!! I would like to be at goal by the end of May which is when I am going on holiday with all the family, I don't want to be the wobbly one on the beach!!! I don't want to get skinny, just get back to how I was and toned up.
I'm going to stick to 1200 calories a day, no more pigging out on junk. I've been quite run down recently so think an improved diet will help that as well.
I'm also going to do some exercise, I am walking my neighbours dog this week while they are away, then I am going to start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, once I have finished that I have a set of DVDs called insanity! Would really like to do those once I have increased my fitness.

OK, so I started yesterday and had-
BF bowl of Fruit and Fibre with skimmed milk 200 cals
Sn Cup a soup 57 cals
Lunch Salad 50
Chicken breast 140 cals
Half an avocado 190 cals
Extra light salad cream 50
Dinner - WW meal 290 cals
Carrot 50
Brocilli 50
Gravey 50
Total 1077
So slightly under, I really want to stick close to 1200. I was really hungry by late afternoon so at least I know I can have another snack

Today so far I have had
BF Fruit and Fibre and Skimmed milk 200 cals

Not quite sure for the rest of the day, might stick to another WW meal and veg for dinner so I know exactly waht I am having.
I'm going to have a good read of these forums tonight to get a few tips, but can anyone advise how many calories they have a day, and how you divide it between meals? Also those of you who exercise, do you allow more calories a day?
Thanks for reading!
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Hiya and welcome to CC it's a wise choice to not do CD both Christmas. :)
You will get back to 9 stone slowly and steady which will be better.
Have a good day x
Thanks girls for the welcome! thought I'd post my complete days menu for today!!! Probably not the most balanced day, but at least just over daily allowance.
B-F Fruit and Fibre and skimmed milk - 200
Snack - Cup a Soup 57 cals
Lunch - missed as had hair done!!
Dinner - Pork Loin steak 229
BBQ Sauce 100 cals
Veg - 50
1/2 Jacket Pot 150 cals
Extra light mayo (on jacket potato instead of butter - yum!) -50
3 glasses of white wine (opps) 400
Total 1236 cals
Need to cut out the wine!!! But thought seeing as I missed lunch I could have a treat!!!
Only had 1pint of water today and 4 cups of tea, gonna have another pint before bed to try and dilute the wine!!!

Tomorrows going to be another difficult one, have hospital appointment in the morning, so will eat before I go and will probably have a WW meal for lunch then salad for dinner (plus lots of water!!!)
Hope everyone is doing well!
Only 2 and a half weeks till Xmas Day, would love to lose half a stone or more by then
You should join our christmas challenge, we've all pledged what we want to lose and we're deducting as we go along. We must have lost well over 100lbs together, it's really motivating!

I usually have 1300, but after two weeks of being a bit naughty and staying the same I've reduced my in take to 1200 for a few days, it's likely I will be a little naughty at the weekend ;-)

I don't generally have more cals just because I've exercised, but I think that's because I do treat myself to one slightly naughty meal in the week and a naughty meal at the weekend, so I don't feel the need to earn extra cals because I just let myself have them.

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