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'Leg Up' Pleeease


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Hi All

Since coming off CD mainly due to a couple of days really low mood i've never been off the binge wagon. It started slowly last Sunday and has now built up to a crescendo.

I have a weeks worth of shakes/soups left and am seriously considering giving it another go!

How easy will it be to get back on the wagon?

I did CD for 8 days and never had a feel good feeling only a low mood one. Was anyone else like this in the first few days? Did it get any easier?

Have other people had false starts in the first few days?

I love to hear from anyone who can help and hopefully give me a 'leg up' back onto the wagon.

I go on holiday in 8 weeks and would love to lose a stone.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. I've really missed posting and talking with you all.
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Hi Bev, I too went off the wagon after ssing for 3 weeks, this was caused by unplanned drink on a friday, then ate on sat all day! I forced myself to get back on as I really wanted to lose the weight and the 3 weeks would have being invain if I'd given up, so on Sunday, I went back on, I can tell you it wasn't as easy as the first time round, as I haven't got much left to lose, I decided to do ss+ after wi yesterday, so far so good. i would advise you to give it another try with the stuff you've got left. I can honestly say that my good feeling and being in the zone came in the 2nd week, stick in there and it will get easier, good luck.
Hi Bev I wondered where you were hun.

If im honest It took me over 3 weeks to feel really good and happy at any point up until then I could of packed it in.
Im pleased i didnt with 3st gone now.

If you really want to do it you can and will hun. Good luck.xx
Hi Bev,

Nice to hear from you.

If CD SS really didn't agree with you, how about trying one of the other plans for a while then maybe working down to SS when you feel you can?

Or try a slimming club to help keep you on the straight and narrow?

You managed for 8 days which is an acheivment and i never feel good until at least week 2! It may not be a physical hunger but the cravings are terrible and i'm right grumpy! lol!

Good luck whatever you decide!


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Hi Susan

I can see you had a brill wi last week.

I'm really tempted to try again but a little scared, I hate the low mood. I'm also thinking of a change of CDC as the in between wi the promised support from the one i've had has never materialised and I just feel like i'm handing £££s over to her.
thats how i felt about my 1st cdc hun.
Thankyou WI again tomorrow, im addicted to cd now i think.lol
If you want to give it another go hun im willing to swap phone nums and have a pep talk with each other each day if it will help hun.xx


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Ahhhh Susan that's brill. Before I can fully commit I need to have a chat to DH as to be honest at the moment i'm a bit like a cannon ball launching from one thing to another with regard weight loss. I need to be firm and commit fully to the programme. We lead a fairly social life and I know there's an event next Friday which involves eating and drinking. I would like to say i'll start after that but if i'm going to do it I need to do it sooner as my as my eating regime is just so out of control.


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I tried to keep my last CD effort a secret apart from close family and found this difficult as me and DH were having to make excuses for me not joining in events. I'm not sure if I should be open about it so they know why i'm not eating/drinking with them. I suppose i'm just scared that if I don't make it they'll see me as a failure.
I told every1 when I started and got a whole lot of crap for doing so, i told them its mt choice and my life and my fault if i put it all back on again, on the other hand I dont feel any pressure when we go out as they all know, in a way its easier for me.xx


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I guess we all need to find a plan that works for us, good luck with whatever you decide.. tricky as to when do you start I've commited to DH that I'll go SS for a week at least to kick start the diet and to justify the £'s spent as then it's cheaper than eating at all. Good luck with whatever you decide. x
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Really think you should look at SS Plus or even the 810 Plan. It is great because you can still have some chicken and lettuce whenever you go out and the extra protein might help your mood.
Hey Bev, when i first started back in jan i was a little cd ss angel but all that stopped once i broke it for differennt things and got the taste for food!! this is my 3th/4th restart now and have to say its going well. I bet you could do it if you put your mind to it. Just keep thinking of your holiday :) best of luck with what ever you decide :hug99: xxxxxxxxxx
Hey Bev, good luck with whatever you decide. You certainly could lose a stone in 8 weeks on it. It is always difficult really doing a restart, but it can be done and we'll be here to support you if you need us.

Take care honey x

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