Legs eleven???


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Hi Guys,

I find it very difficult just now and I have fallen off the wagon again...

The elevens seem so hard and I am in and out of them like a yo, yo:( since April this year.

It feels like I am literally hitting my head off a brick wall

Starting on step 3 today and I will see how I get on.

Feel so ashamed:eek: that I don't seem to be able to get through them.

I am off now for today on a Business Course and I am determined....just the nuts got me over the weekend and from their it was free fall all the way.

On the upside if there is one...I never touched chocolate or even wanted it...no sweets, crisps or any rubbish what so ever.

Confession over...definetly going to look about some counselling to help me through this period as I feel I have a block in my head that is holding me back and I am not able to work it out on my own.

Love Mini xxx
Oh Mini - I know how you feel ....

I'm having a really hard time of it at the moment - both diet and personal wise ... and I'm so much a comfort eater.

When my life's out of control so is my eating. The only time I'm in control of my eating is when I'm in control of my life. So I'm going to attempt to try and do it the other way ... control my eating to control my life ...

I've been away from here for a few days .... as i felt so negative and didn't want to be like that. But I'm an optimist most of the time ... so it's back to my diary - write it all down, hopefullt feel better and get on with my diet and life!

Good luck with yr struggle Mini and it's only thanks to you that we have somewhere like this to come on and vent our frustrations.
Hey hey Mini!!

Just take a step back a minute and look what you have acheived.

You have lost a massive amount of weight yourself and have setup forums that help hundreds of people lose more weight every day.

Ok you aren't at the finish line yet but it is a matter of time and you will get there with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you have achieved what you set out to do.

So time to take stock, take comfort and pride in what you are and where you are and keep going to where you WILL be finishing.

dear mini,i am so sorry that you are feeling so down at the moment, but hey sweetie you are in you 11s is .absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and i bet there are a lot of us that would like to be that weight i know i would. darling you are an inspiration to us all, and i have every faith that you wont be in the 11s is at christmas. dont be so hard on yourself. stick your head in the air give yourself a pat on the back and say hey im going to beat this weight (((xx))) barbara
Oh yes Mini. You've done so well. Don't be too hard on yourself.

On the upside if there is one...I never touched chocolate or even wanted it...no sweets, crisps or any rubbish what so ever.

Well, there you go. 1/2 your head is in the right place :D The other half will come along shortly ;)
Hi Mini
Im sorry your finding it hard BUT you can do it look how amazingly well youve done so far!!!!
I feel when I got into the 11s I looked great and felt great and I found it hard to imagion myself slimmer or being able to lose anymore weight?But I did I just had to shout at myself you can do this and the 10s were there :)

You can do it and remember that Chrimbo Challenge ????

Oh Mini, please don't be so hard on yourself. Long term weight loss is not easy and a few hiccups along the way do not mean that you won't get there in the end. You will, I know you will. I am surprised at how many people, me included, are psoting at the moment about how hard they are finding it to stick to their plans. Is it winter setting in, Christmas thoughts or what? I don't know but I do know posting on here helps, so thanks for that Mini and don't forget we are all here because of you but we are here for you too! Lots of love
Hi Mini

It really does sound like you are doing so much better than you are giving yourself credit for.

Legs11 my absolute favourite number forever. I know you don't want to be in the 11's forever but probably part of the problem is that you are more comfortable in the 11's than you think and therefore your focus on your goal isn't as strong as it once was. I've come to te conclusion that that is the case for me. I have now shifted my emphasis slightly away from a number to getting to healthy and controlled eating making sensible choices if I get to that the scales will get to where they should be. I've still a long way to go much further than you as I'm still reaching for the crisps and chocolate at difficult times even though my goal may be fairly close.

You are helping so many every day and doing so well yourself please recognise that and never ever be ashamed!!!

Dizzy x
I wonder if we could have a thought record kinda area on here? I have found them so useful in the CBT therapy to combat my depression, and I'm now trying to apply them to the diet.

It might help get others perspectives when you're battling with negative thoughts.

You've done fantastically hun, try to stay focused and positive, You'll beat this :)

Love Kitty xxx
Ok you aren't at the finish line yet but it is a matter of time and you will get there with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you have achieved what you set out to do.

So time to take stock, take comfort and pride in what you are and where you are and keep going to where you WILL be finishing.


Very nicely put Mike :cool:

Sorry you're struggling honey, but you know you can get this back. We're here for you x
Dear Mini

I can really relate to your post. I have found myself cheating more and more recently. I think it is because I have got to a weight that I am reasonably accustomed to - I can fit into my "thin" clothes and I look ok by my standards. I have to keep telling myself that by medical standards I am still pretty over weight (BMI of 28) and that a big part of why I am doing this is to get healthy. I have been having trouble conceiving and I want to give myself the best chance of doing so naturally and if we do have to get help I don't want my weight to be an issue.

This is a rather rambly post - I just wanted to say:

I sympathise

I am finding it helpful to try to focus on what my "big goal" is having now reached a point where I am "comfortable" with my weight (albeit that I still have a way to go)

Even when I have cheated I have still eaten far far less than I would have been packing in without a second thought before I started this and I suspect that is true for you as well

The other thing that I have found incredibly helpful is this site - so thank you.

I am starting where I stand!

Thank you everyone for your support it really means a lot to me and I am so touched by it...one of the worst weekends in a long time, but thank God I do feel so much better today.

I posted this on my own diary thread and I want you to know I have taken on everything each of you have said and I will ge re reading this thread as I go.

Thank you so much.

Eought to say I fell off the wagon big time and I deserve a good kick in the pants!!!

I see myself as slim and I am no longer fat and this is part of the problem...I have nice clothes to wear and I feel so good in myself over all.

So why is it difficult...well the big mad rush to be slim has gone and most of the reasons along with it as I have achieved so much already and I know I must claim it or I will lose it like I did before.

When I started out I wanted to change things for the better and I have.

I wanted to sleep well at night.:D

I wanted not to have a water dam behind me in the bath.:D

I wanted to go up and down the stairs with ease:D

I wanted to cut my own toe nails with ease:D

I wanted to feel full of energy:D

I wanted to be able to shop in fashion shops :D

Never have to feel confined to shopping in only fat shop:D

To like how I look:D

To wear nice clothes that make me feel good in:D

To lower my blood pressur:D

To achieve new things in life:D

To change my family's approach to buying and cooking food:D

To enjoy walking and not feel my thigs rub together and wear thread bear the inside of my trouser legs:D

To get in and out of my car like a spring chicken:D

To see my toes when I am standing :D

Not to think constantly about food:D

To have my life back again and feel I am going somewhere:D (have not figured out the where as yet:rolleyes: )LOL

So today I am feeling so much better in myself and the weather is lovely and it would lift anyones spirits.

A friend of mine sent me this and I think it is very good advice as we all feel when we fall off the wagon that we have ruined everything...and this can lead to guilt and more guilt which leads to feelings of failure.

"Start where you stand"

We all make mistakes and we all have short comings...We can either accept our short comings and move on starting again where we stand or we can allow the short comings to take over our lives.

Well I am off to "Start where I stand"!!!:D

So these are just some of the things off the top of my head and I have another big list to go that needs sorting...
Hey mini

I'm feeling pretty humbled right now - theres me going on about how fed up i was and you are struggling too. How thoughtless of me, I am so sorry.
We can definately do this - we will start from where we stand and realise that each new day brings fresh challenges. Lets embrace the good days and be strong through the bad.

I really identified with what you said about not feeling fat anymore. I think thats my main hurdle at the moment. I have to realise that yes i do look ok but thats all. I want to look fantastic and that has to be my focus now instead of settling for ok.

You are one amazing lady and I will help you in whatever way I can - just drop me a pm and ask :)