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I will do this!!!
Aww honey, from reading your posts in the past, you must be pretty ill to be drinking Lemonade :(

Maybe an early night might help you??

Huggles to you x
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hope you feel well soon!!! im sure if you are knocked out of ketosis (fingers crossed you're not) it wont take much for you to be in it again.....


I will do this!!!
Im not classing this as cheating at all i was feeling so ill and it has made me feel better. Plus i couldn't go to this interview tomorrow feeling like i did/do. Iv been sleeping for 2 days constant now so iv got to get better soon!!!
aww well u are very sick aint u ,, and you have done so well u will get back to it in no time ,just concentrate on getting better first


I will do this!!!
Thats exactly what im thinking, i really could have eaten but i didnt so i am proud of myself!


Is thinking positive!
:( PIZZLE So hope you get better soon, At least it was only a glass of lemonade, Could have been a lot worse ;) ..(BIG HUGS) :):)


I will do this!!!
Thanks guys. :)
hope ur feeling better soon hun. if u are drinking diet lemonade, chances are u won't get kicked out of ketosis as it has no carbs. good luck with ur interview tomorrow xx
Best of luck with the interview tomorrow and I do hope you feel better soon
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Hope it makes you feel better. Try to get a good rest and good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. I'm sure you'll be fine. :D
hope you feel better soon, good luck in your interview :)
aww...bless..you must have really needed it...you sound so ill..poor you...wont be long and youwill be right back on track once your feeling better!..good luck with interview. :)


I will do this!!!
Thanks so much all of you x
How are you feeling today??


I will do this!!!
I still feel rubbish and nearly fainted at my interview, so im now snuggled up infront of the tv feeling sorry for myself. Im still sipping lemonade and its really helping so i dont mind, plus the ketostix are still coming up purple!!!


a new way of living!
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sounds like you need more fluids (water too mind you!) they should really be pink not purple, that may be why you feel ill.

hope you feel better soon.


I will do this!!!
oh i know im dehydrated badly (its like orange juice!) and im trying to get the fluids down but my throat hurts so much plus im finding it hard keeping anything down. Im hoping ill be ok tomorrow and i can get back to normal

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