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I've thought long and hard about what to give up for lent this year. Normally it would be crisps, chocolate and biscuits but I dont eat these now. I'm thinking it is going to be dry fruit. My mother buys a bag every Thursday from shopping. It is 500g bag and contains pitted prunes, dried apricots, dried apple and dried pear. I normally snack on it Thursday/Friday/Saturday and finish it off on Sunday. Cant be all that good for me. Lets give it a go!

What are you going to be giving up for lent this year?
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A little of everything!
Like you my diet is pretty healthy these days, but chocolate is still a 'demon' for me, so I'll try giving that up completely? Plus I'm going to try to exercise every day (for lent anyway) and see if it makes a difference? I know it's not giving something up strictly speaking...well, I'm giving up my sofa time! LOL!


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I was thinking I'd give up not exercising.
So now I'm running everyday for 15 mins with 10mins of stretching before and after!
What to give up for lent - ummmm so much to give up, where should I start? Can't really be anything too food related as eating well with Go Lower. How about not giving up my motivation to loose weight.
That is a good one, although I believe if you have good enough motivation to loose weight you will succeed. If only the motivation was of the same level every day hey!


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well i am not religious so i dont really do lent, but (and this is totally ot) my friend is super religious christian and i asked her what shes giving up and she said nothing cause she dont believe in it as its a jewish thing?? all info i found on internet says its christian? weird


A little of everything!
Well I'm a Roman Catholic (i.e. Christian!) and it's definately part of our religion! Strange...


A little of everything!
Ahhh...maybe it's just a RC thing is it? I'm pretty clueless about other religions tbh!
It basically came about during the protestant reformation. Protestants largely dumped all observances such as Lent, denouncing them as inventions of the Romans.

When evidence of pre-Roman observances came to light many Protestant denominations began re-adopting the abandoned observances. But as something like 300 years had already passed since the reformation, many more just stayed as they were :)
I dont know any of the religious facts behind it. Everyone in my household was talking about giving something up for lent. Mum was going to stick to her diabetic diet, my dad was giving up chocolate cakes and crisps and my brother was going to give up eating rubbish. So i just joined in!


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I'm very unreligious. But I figured it would be good to give up something.
So those of you that aren't religious don't celebrate Christmas either, right?

Hehe. I feel like that about Lent. Give it all up. Go for it. Be healthy.


A little of everything!
So those of you that aren't religious don't celebrate Christmas either, right?

Go for it. Be healthy.
:giggle:LOL! Nice one...


running strictly on fat!
It's not a religious thing for me but I am always in a big owe for ppl capable to give up something. I have several friends who would be strict during Ramadan and I always thought "Wow - I wish I could have so much control over what I do..."

It helps training your character and regain control over your life...

I am going to stick to my CD despite the fact that it is getting more difficult... Fingers crossed I can do it x


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Any sort of fasting/giving up is commendable.
I have a distinct lack of will power. So glad I don't smoke or I'd never be able to stop.

Although I did give up drink for two months.
I enjoy giving gifts at Christmas. I like giving gifts and making people happy, but if you do it randomly throughout the year people get quite sensitive about it and start thinking they owe you something in return.

Christmas legitimises my gift-giving instincts and lets me get away with it :D

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