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My name is Sonya (sonkie) I am nearing the end of week 4 on Lipotrim, I know Karen well we are both desperate to lose our weight, she is doin cd and still in her 1st wk. She has pointed me in this direction and I am hoping all you lovely people will let me join your prestigious gang. I think we should all get a badge to show our committement to losing weight. Anyone up for it (lol).

Anyway could I possibly join your gang
pretty pretty please
Sonkie ;)
Minis is open to all...the good, the bad and the ugly! thats what makes it so so blinkin fabulous...so pull up a pew, hold on tight and enjoy the ride! say what you want, cry for help someone will come to your rescue, need picking up or a good kick up the butt then minis is the place to be....:p
Hi hun, of course you can join our merry little gang lol, it's good to have a new member, the more the merrier (and with all the weight we are losing there's a lot more space in the wemitt lounge - lol) come on in, pull up a chair and tell us all about yourself!
Looking forward to sharing your weight loss journey with you xx
Welcome Sonkie

I found this website a tremendous support. I don't feel alone but part of a team. Reading the posts are so encouraging and knowing that other members can achieve their goals, I know that I can to.

Good luck on your weightloss journey.
Thanx guys you are all so kind and as we are all going through the same thing we can support each other. My dh thinks he is being supportive but ....! well I wont go there lol. WAHOO IM NOW A WEMITT.

hi Sonkie
i've just finished week 6 on CD & this is the longest i've been on a diet for i don't know how long, i can honestly say that this site has been my saviour. i may not post alot but i am constantly on here reading other people's posts.
after 6 weeks on CD i've lost 2 stone (& 1/4lb !!) & thats what keeps me going, i need quick gratification & i get it on CD & on here
good luck hun & welcome to WeMITTS :)
both wemitts now sonkie! woohoo!