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Let the piddling begin.

I restarted SW yesterday as I have gained 3lbs and have also changed my target weight.

My first day was green, lots of roasted veg. Lots of fruit and a delicious home made soup/stew with a jar of broad beans thrown in.

I had forgotten my initial start with SW when I posted asking about piddling so much. I was worried then. This time I am delighted to have been up 4 times in the night getting rid of the excess water.

Long may it continue......bring on the piddling lol !!!

Whoops must rush need the loo again lol !!!
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I'm glad you posted this - I peed just before I went to bed last night, an hour later, then again at 5 this morning and again at 7!!!! I got back on the wagon yesterday as well; it's amazing what an effect it has isn't it???

Trace xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I'm doing a lot of weeing lol My New Years resolution was to drink at least a litre of water a day & I'm peeing loads...
I have a rule never to use the work toilets but since starting SW I have had no choice!! arghhhh :)
I'm back on track, and to quote my husband, I'm p***ing like a racehorse!!

I can't stop - I also went 3 times through the night.

It can only be a good thing - costs a fortune in loo roll though!!!
I allowed myself to relax for 2 weeks over christmas - ate some meals that were SW friendly and others that were not. I managed to lose 0.5lb over the christmas period. Normally I wake a couple of times in the night to go to the loo but over xmas I hardly needed to go at all, some nights I never woke at all. Since Monday I have been back following SW fully and have woke at least twice a night.
Is this SW?!?!!! I thought it was just me!!!! Oh thank god for that, I haven't been sleeping well at all because I have to keep getting up for the loo.

Why is this then? Is it because we drink more or the water in all the F&V or the body losing weight or what?
I think it's all the water in the good foods, and, I find that all the "wrong" foods eaten over christmas cause bloating and water retention (which results in the gain-as well as the calories!) and it all comes out once we start eating well again.

This is often why the first week on plan results in such a good loss, all the fluid.
It also results in eye bags and grouchiness from lack of sleep!
I was also up twice in the night and then this morning i was bursting to get there again.Thank goodness it was free:eek: ha ha.


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I thought about this thread on my fourth visit to the ladies at work today - fingers crossed that every one a step closer to my pre-Christmas weight!!
I slept really well over Christmas because I didn't need to get up in the night. Normal service has been restored now, though :D
Lol..... there is always a positive in everything, even going off plan.:)
I have found it really hard to drink lots in the recent cold weather, but have upped the intake the last few days and seeing the almost immediate effects LOL! I try to drink most in the morning then reduce it towards the evening so don't get up too often, if at all, at night!

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