Let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to cheat....

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  1. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Well I had my WI today. Which by the way is a DOUBLE WI. And after having the weekend off a couple of weeks ago (when family were over) and then being VERY good and drinking loads of water, going to the gym, doing exercise at home - guess how much i lost. 3lb!

    To be honest, I'm kind of glad this has happened. I was going out drinking vodka far too often and getting away with it far too much - so i think this is LT giving me a big fat V sign back!

    Nevermind, onwards and downwards! I have been completed focused this week and i want that to continue so I'm not going to beat myself up about it - I'm going to let it make me more determined for a big loss next week!
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  3. TheTrampledRose

    TheTrampledRose Full Member

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    Hope it dosent take you too long to get back on track babe
  4. Zayna

    Zayna Full Member

    But you still lost 3lb.

    So, you had a weekend off and enjoyed yourself. You're still losing weight. OK, so you haven't lost the half ton in a week that LT promises you, but you've taken up the reins again and you're going in the right direction.

    I know I'm only on day 8 but I don't want LT to be like a punishment or a jail sentence, I want it to be my friend, there to help me when I need it, not to rule my life and make me wear a hair shirt when I don't see it for a while.

    Maybe I'm totally wrong and shouldn't look at it like this at all. I'll get me coat... :sad0071:
  5. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet

    No i do agree with you entirely. i don't think it should be a punishing thing at all. But my little 'times off' were getting far too often, like most weekends on the vodka! Every week I got away with it i just went out and had a few more the following week! But it's all gotta stop, and i didn't go out last weekend and it was fine so i know i can do it xx
  6. madhousemum

    madhousemum Silver Member

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    hope it dont take you long to get back onto track and good for you you sound so determined and positive xxx
  7. orlágael

    orlágael Full Member

    aww vickie, vodka is my downfall aswell,lol. but u HAVE lost 3lbs!!it dosent sound like much but if u see that in,say lard, it is a hell of a lot!! but i know this can be cold comfort when u've felt u did well other wise, but u have done amazing so far!!!

  8. Crims

    Crims Silver Member

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    My downfall is steak oh how I want one - I'm only on day 2 :(
  9. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

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  10. Sarahv25

    Sarahv25 Always welcome new m8's!

    Wow! Il hopefully never cheat cos i dont want to suffer hunger pains again!

    Great positive attitude, hope i can be that positive!
  11. thefutureisbright

    thefutureisbright Banned

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    Hey Vicky, You will be just fine! Now you got yourself back in the zone im sure you will be in for at least a 4 pound loss next week - probably a 5 or 6 knowing you! ;) xox
  12. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    Vicki you have gained far more than just a 3lb loss, you have gained the incentive you need to get into the zone and melt that fat! That is worth far more than another good loss and another weekend on the vodka.

    Good luck hun.

  13. SamiAnn

    SamiAnn Full Member

    well done vickie you could have put on !!!!!!!!!!! thank your lucky stars xxx
  14. satty

    satty Full Member

    Good on you Vickie! thats what I did and I lost a stone this week :D you can do it!!
  15. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  16. dawniegee

    dawniegee Member

    imonly on week 2 vicki getting weighed 2morrow, imlooking that any weightloss is a bonus, however good ive been, but like u said its not gonna run my life , i may miss a party this week because i know i will be tempted and i dont want to be so early on ,but it is my birthday in 2 weeks and i want to go out and have a meal with hubby, i was feeling guilty and not gonna go, but one little meal it not gonna kill me just have to make good choices,not too much and straight back on it next day, please let me know if people thinkthat is okay.also satty well done for losing 1 stone in week eight how did u do that congratulations hun
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