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Let's add it up 2012


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Oooohhhh what a good idea, it would be interesting each week to find something that weighs around as much as we have lost up to that date so we can say "we have lost a TV set, or a small child or something.



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I want to lose a Posh Spice but that's just cos I want Becks to myself lol x

And Karen its an amazing idea, now we just need to get it made a stickie..... Xx


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Well posh only weighs about 4 stone, so you're nearly there already!

Wouldn't mind losing an angelina, cant stand her and would love brad to myself.


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There's a thread on one if the boards somewhere and I can't remember which one about what weight you have lost snd equating it to something else eg. If you've lost 30 lb you've lost an elephants leg . It's actually a good list if anyone else knows where it is. Sorry rambling :)

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Not such a fat kat now :)
No idea they was just an example bur it was quite a funny list. Need to find it

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I think there are a couple of different versions but here's one:

1 pound = a Guinea Pig
1.5 pounds = a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
2 pounds = a rack of baby back ribs
3 pounds = an average human brain
4 pounds = an ostrich egg
5 pounds = a Chihuahua
6 pounds = a human’s skin
7.5 pounds = an average newborn
8 pounds = a human head
10 pounds= chemical additives an American consumes each year
11 pounds = an average housecat
12 pounds = a Bald Eagle
15 pounds = 10 dozen large eggs
16 pounds = a sperm whale’s brain
20 pounds = an automobile tire
23 pounds = amount of pizza an average American eats in a year
24 pounds = a 3-gallon tub of super premium ice cream
25 pounds = an average 2 year old
30 pounds = amount of cheese an average American eats in a year
33 pounds = a cinder block
36 pounds = a mid-size microwave
40 pounds = a 5-gallon bottle of water or an average human leg
44 pounds = an elephant’s heart
50 pounds = a small bale of hay
55 pounds = a 5000 BTU air conditioner
60 pounds = an elephant’s penis (yep, weights more than his heart!)
66 pounds = fats and oils an average American eats in a year
70 pounds = an Irish Setter
77 pounds = a gold brick
80 pounds = the World’s Largest Ball of Tape
90 pounds = a newborn calf
100 pounds = a 2 month old horse
111 pounds = red meat an average American eats in a year
117 pounds = an average fashion model (and she’s 5’11”)
118 pounds = the complete Encyclopedia Britannica
120 pounds = amount of trash you throw away in a month
130 pounds = a newborn giraffe
138 pounds = potatoes an average American eats in a year
140 pounds = refined sugar an average American eats in a year
144 pounds = an average adult woman (and she’s 5’4”)
150 pounds = the complete Oxford English Dictionary
187 pounds = an average adult man
200 pounds = 2 Bloodhounds
235 pounds = Arnold Schwarzenegger
300 pounds = an average football lineman
400 pounds = a Welsh pony


Not such a fat kat now :)
Omg! I've almost lost an elephants penis!!!!! Better lose more quickly

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