Lets do this! Aly’s weight loss diary :)

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  1. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    hi everyone!

    hope you’re all well. I started Slimming world a few days a go - extra easy. Its going really well, i can more or less eat what i want within moderation.

    I did my first weigh in yesterday and i was 194.6 lb and i then weighed myself again this morning and i was 193 lb … water weight maybe? Im so pleased. 1.6 lb loss. Haha, it actually seems to be working. Don’t worry i won’t be doing daily weigh ins that will just make me obsessed. Weekly weigh ins it is!

    In general i much prefer cheese and onion pasties and macaroni pies! yummy! Along with the daily 3x cans of Coke. Terrible i know… :( But this has to stop, taking the world unhealthy to a new level.

    Im hoping i will have shifted 26lbs by the summer, so thats about 2 stones? I think that might be me getting ahead of myself bait, what do you all think?

    Anyways, just wanted to share this, i looks forward to reading the other diaries on here too :)

    - aly
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  3. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    I had around 13 syns today. Drank half a bottle of lucozade, completely forgetting! Just searched and its 14 syns a bottle?! So I am 5 syns over :( I hope I still manage to lose weight, but I am so p*ssed off right now :(
  4. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    Just had a weigh in! 189lb, I've lost 5 pounds from the start weight! So happy!

    As far as the next few weeks go, do we expect big weight loss each week or would it be a pound here a pound there? I'm assuming the first weightloss is mostly water weight?
  5. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    Weighed myself on Saturday, I only lost 1.6lb; I blame all the eating out, too many birthdays last week!

    Back on track, 20lb left to lose by August!! :) lets do it!
  6. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    Hey Hun, your doing awesome you will smash that summer goal... And some! x
  7. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    hiya DiamondDoll, thank you so much for your kind words! :) Heres hoping! x
  8. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    Only lost 1lb again this week. Upping the exercise for sure! Still have 19lb to lose by August. :)
  9. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    A consistant loss is great.. exactly what im aiming at x brill! :D
  10. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    Hi diamond doll! :) thank you! Apparently if you lose a little every week it won't go back on all of a sudden should you fall off the bandwagon! :)
  11. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    Lost 2lb this week! So I've lost 9lb in a month! Happy :)
  12. madmuppet

    madmuppet Silver Member

    Well done on your great losses you will be at target in no time! keep up the great work xx
  13. aly1012

    aly1012 Member

    Thank you madmuppet! heres hoping!! So my last weigh in I remained the same, I'm not too worried I didn't lose any as I am happy I didn't gain.

    This week on the other hand isn't going to well, back to my old habits, chocolates, crisps and over eating! Currently going through a few stressful situations and I think I'm finding food as a way of escapism.

    Need to really get my act together! ?

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