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*+*Lets Do This*+*

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by *_*cupcake*_*, 20 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Hi my name is Sarah :)
    Been on and off mini mins for a few years or more now!
    Told myself id lose weight for my holiday last year...and my wedding which was this june the 28th and it didnt happen.
    For the last couple of years ive been playing around with about half a stone...lose it then put it back on.
    I have 4 stone to lose and I need to lose it.
    I go on my honeymoon on the 6th sept so only got just over 2 weeks...im off to thailand so hoping I wont be too naughty and stick to veg and rice (haha we all know that wont happen!)
    I aim to be 100% untill I go and get straight back on it when I return home on the 20th sept.
    We are wanting to try for a baby next year and I dont want to be carrying extra weight, I want to be a fit mummy that has a healthy pregnancy.
    Im going to be doing it from home as I cant afford the classes at the moment and I have all the books and help from this fantastic site.
    Im going to be trying the green plan with the extra easy occasionally as I lost 2 stone doing the green plan a few years back and I cant always do the 1/3 superfree.
    I hope I will get support with the journey...no matter how long it takes...ill get there!
    Wil be a saturday weigher so dont actually know my current weight. A week ago I were 14st 9. Eek!!
    So here goes to a new me <3 :)
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  3. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Soo i have a term time job and I think tbh its daytime boredness thats made me crave food!
    Ive wrote a list of snacks and a list of meals put on my fridge along with a pic of me at my smallest ever of 10st 10.
    Very happy in the picture :)
    Had a bit of a weird day today not ate much really and trying to use everything we have in the house before going shopping for more as im officially a poorper atm with paying the honeymoon off! So today is an extra easy day:
    low fat sausage x 2..3syns
    3 rashers of bacon
    2 eggs
    Hexb wholemeal pitter
    Ketchup 1syn
    Was very yummy! But no superfree :/ oops!

    Tea: having vegetable and quorn cottage pie! Mmmmm
    maybe with ketchup too 2syns

    A random bit of butter icing 5syns
    Skinny cappuccino 2.5syns

    Will update if it changes xx
  4. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Just to add to the diary I've tried syn free pancakes for the first time and wow they are amazing!! Mmm deffo be having them when I have a sweet tooth :) x
  5. SparkleWonderpaws

    SparkleWonderpaws New Member

    Hiya, I've just started again too. I've found frozen bananas amazing when I need something sweet. Plus, if you coat them in a melted freddo, it's like a mega treat!
  6. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Hiya :) Oooo sounds yummy! How many syns is a freddo? Have you done sw before? X
  7. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    feeling motivated this morning! Just on my way to aqua aerobics and then a swim :) may also have a chill out session in the sauna and steam room...to de stress as feeling a little low and stressed at the moment. Xx

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  8. k8iemichelle

    k8iemichelle Member

    Would it be okay to jump into this thread and ask for some advice pkease - I need confirmation that each neal I make is correct - 2 weeks now and no weight loss - hopefully with a little help I can start losing - thanks for reading :) xxx

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  9. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Yeah go for it chick :) ill try help as much as a can :) xx

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  10. k8iemichelle

    k8iemichelle Member

    Thank so much :)
    Okay, for breakfast I had a banana, grapes, pear and a yogurt - for dinner I am having lettuce ham pepper onion cucumber and tomato with a syn free yogurt, banana and space raiders (3 syns) - is this sounding good enough so far? :confused: really need to get my head around this 100%, feel like the last 2 weeks were a waste :( thanks xxx
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  11. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Tbh to me it looks like your lunch isnt substantial enough as theres no carbs.
    It takes alot of time sometimes to get your head around and your body to adjust.
    I done extra easy 100% and only lost like 3lbs but when I done the green plan I lost 2 stone so personally for me ee doesn't work as well.
    My typical day when I done the green plan were:
    Weetabix and skimmed milk hex a and b
    Cous cous with chicken hexb
    Jacket potato or pasta
    Snacks ff yog, fruit, alpen lights, ryvitas, quark and hot choc.
    The 1/3 superfree isn't as important with red or green plan as your having to weigh and count either your meat or carbs.

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  12. k8iemichelle

    k8iemichelle Member

    Thanks so much for your h3lp - my dinner was as stated before but minus tomatoes but plus pasta and hard boiled egg - no space raiders (just didnt fancy them) had syn free yogurt and apple and grapes - will continue with ee for the rest of the week - if no results I will switch to green :thumbup:
    Thanks again x
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  13. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Sounds good :)
    green may not work for others but just from personal experience it works better for me :)
    Sooooo my food today consists of:
    B-weetabix hexb milk hexa

    L-pasta, baked beans, bacon hexb and cheese hexa

    T-quorn and vegetable cottage pie, sauce 2syns

    Snacks - sw pancakes, alpen light 4syns so far :)

    Exercise-1hour zumba aqua aerobics! Awsome class! Xx

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  14. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Soo weigh in at 14st 9! Eeekk! Not good.
    Anyways update from yesterday
    B-weektabix and skimmed milk hex a+b
    L-sw chicken tikka and rice
    T- wholemeal pitta pizza hex a and b
    Snacks-bourbons, homemade truffles eekk :/ not good on the syns!

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  15. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Heyy :) feeling possitive again this morning.
    Ive had
    B-weetbix and skimmed milk hexa and b
    L-pasta baked beans and cheese hexa
    T- unsure yet
    Snacks-will be taking some finn crisp breads out with me so I can make a wise choice for a hexb :)
    Had horrid MRI scan this morning so been up early hence already having lunch!
    Will update later

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  16. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Very happy with my food today!
    Tea was: low fat sausage x2 8syns, mash and mushy peas
    Had some chocolate for the rest of my syns aswell so 15syns today.

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  17. k8iemichelle

    k8iemichelle Member

    Menu for today ..
    B- grapes yogurt and banana
    D - cup a rice yogurt apple
    T - 2 sausages (1 syn) smash green beans carrots apple oreo ice cream (5.5 syns) yet to have my hot choc and marshmallows (6 syns) and thats me done for the day ... any opinions good or bad welcome :)

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  18. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Sounds lovely chick :).... ive been craving choc covered marshmallows... how many syns are Marshmellows? Xx

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  19. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Morning :)
    Not had many replies but going to carry on with my diary anyway :)
    Although it was pretty much a complete write off yesterday. Oops!
    B-egg and bacon in wm pitta hexb
    Sauce 1syn

    L/T time was 3.30pm-
    Quorn lasagne is say 7syns for sauce
    Home made garlic bread 17syns

    marshmellows and chocolate
    2 choc pancakes
    Have no idea on syns I just know they aw very high! ! So as I said write off but ill draw a line and carry on :)
    I haven't ate since 4.30pm last night so woke feeling empty and hungry! Going to contain it though!

    <3 I Can Do This <3
  20. k8iemichelle

    k8iemichelle Member

    Sorry sweet I didn't realise you had replied - pretty sure marshmaklows are 2 syns for 4 but dont rely on my word - it goes off the weight you see :) will reply in more detail later so bye for now x

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  21. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Silver Member

    Noo chick I had more replies the last diaries I've done thats all I meant :) ahh I see I shall look into it xx

    <3 I Can Do This <3

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