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Lets give this whole diary thing a bash then

Im hoping by doing this if I write how I am feeling and then cross reference it against how my losses are doing I may see a pattern...Or one of you lot may which would be great.

I have been doing Slimming World since 5th January 2010 and have so far lost 2st 10.5lbs....slow but steady has been the way but it has been getting slower and slower so I wanna keep an eye on whats going on.

Work just now is manic and my social diary seems to be bursting..I am away on a residential this weekend starting tomorrow afternoon so from then until Sunday I have no control over meals.

Once I get back all is quiet again until the 1st September when I have 3 'parties' in 5 days...Argh these are the sort of conditions I do not fare so well in but maybe through keeping it all written down where I can go back and read it all I will do better this time.

I still have over 3stone to lose and am getting married on 22nd October 2011 so need to remain focussed or I will hate my wedding photos.

So hi everyone from me and sorry if I bore you with my ramblings over the next wee while :)
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Hi Theresa, well done on your loss so far, your social diary sounds manic!! Look forward to reading your updates x
Eeeeh aye well I made it through last weekend but was completely wiped afterwards and came down with some sort of bug so no weigh in for me this week. Have been really slack with the whole body magic thing this last wee while so gonna really knuckle down and get stuck into that again...the sun is shining so I have arranged to pick my best mate up in just over an hour and we are gonna go for a 5k walk with the doggies.

Spent this morning browsing Wedding Dresses so that has spurred me on to knuckle down as those dresses will so not look like that on me...I want a heavily embellished fitted top with an a line skirt...if anyone happens to spot a drop dead one send me a link will you as I am going cross eyed lol.
OMG My feet were fat....how did I never realise my feet were fat....Was going through my wardrobe having a clear out the other day and tried on a pair of flip flop type shoes that had always been too tight across the arch and now they fit fine. What else on me was fat that I didn't realise....I find I am examining strange areas of me now like my toes and trying to work out how fat they are....did people look at my feet in the summer and think 'my God look how fat they are'???

You know this year is totally a year for discovery...I found out the other day there I can tie my own shoes now as well...my little gold sandals that tie at the side of the ankle...when on earth did I stop being able to do that and why was that not the kick up the hooha that I needed to do something about it???

Im liking all these new discoveries.

Oh and can someone keep a lookout for a chin please...I appear to have lost one of mine ;)


Big, busty and Blowsy!
S: 24st6lb C: 22st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 56.5 Loss: 1st9lb(6.73%)
Hello theresa,
I think I've got your spare chin, plus others!
Aww Rosie you are off to a great start.....bet you anytime now one of your chins will just up and off too ;)

Well I am finally able to announce my weight starts with a 13....13st 12lb to be precise...who knew I would ever be HAPPY to see my weight start with a 13...Im pretty sure on the way up that number devastated me. I am so so happy I could burst and now I just need a good week to shift 1.5lbs and next week I'll be celebrating my 3 stone award...I can do this...Life feels good just now and nothing seems unattainable....that is today though, next week Im due my star week so I fully expect to hit the blues and feel like I am getting nowhere then...ah well that is next week Im gonna embrace the good feeling of this week as long as I can.

Have decided I want to lose half a stone this month...have I said that before? I may well repeat myself a few times on here but anyhow yep half a stone is my goal for this month as I am away to visit family in Ireland the start of October and I would love to be 13st 7lbs when I go...onwards and downwards.

Im really liking putting this all down in this diary, I have never kept one before and it feels quite liberating and almost like I am actually speaking to friends and not just myself ;)
Oh grrrr I hate mother nature sometimes...I have tired really hard this week and had a peek at my Wii this morning and the best I can hope for is a maintain.

Ach well so I wanted my 3 stone before I had a weeknd away...guess thats not happening now however I am still going to go away and eat and drink whatever is provided...I feel like I have earned a wee blow out and I'll deal with the consequences when I get back....Its only really Friday and Saturday then Sunday morning so will stay on plan today and tomorrow and then as soon as I get in the car to head home Sunday it is straight back on plan for me....Kinda hoping I can keep under the next stone bracket which gives me 2lb to play with for next week....I should be able to do that....13st 7lb by the end of the month is still acheivable I will just need to work a bit harder for it ;)
Aint it amazing the difference a day makes...went last night and was suprised to lose a 1lb...delighted as I was with that it left me 1/2lb short of target....maybe this is a good thing though as my plans were to just go away and eat/drink whatever. Now however I am so close to my 3 stone that I don't feel I can so I went today and bought diet coke so will be on vodka diet and will keep an eye on my food intake so I have a hope of losing that 1/2lb this week will will take me to half way through my journey. I can not wait until I have less left to lose than I have already lost...I know I still have a long way to go but I can finally see a light at the end of this tunnel and then I will just have maintenance to crack.

Anyhoo I am hitting the road this afternoon and will be without internet until at least Sunday afternoon possibly longer depending on the time I get home. Have a good weekend everyone and I'll speak to you next week :)
Right Ive not wrote in this for a wee while. Two weeks nearly by the looks of it, bad girl.

Last week I lost the 1/2lb I needed to get my 3 stone award and then God knows what has happened to me...this last week I have been on plan off plan on plan off plan for no reason whatsoever so if I even manage a maintain this week I will be over the moon, weigh in tomorrow and eating like an angel today in the hope it may swing it.

Need to get my focus back as only halfway there so can't start struggling this much already. I have not had any REALLY bad days more about 3 half hearted days not writing my syns down and paying as much attention as I should.

People keep telling me how great I look which is fab but it triggers that part of my brain that says 'cool I don't need to worry about my weight anymore' which is so not true as I am still a good size 16 and I wanna be a 12...a small 12 at that is possible...well on my lower half anyway as my chest doesn't appear to have gone down much at all much to my partners delight but my fear...they have to shrink soon surely otherwise I am gonna end up one really top heavy lass.
Typical, got a big day ahead of me tomorrow so my brain is refusing to switch off and I have been awake since 2am....all because we attempted to compile a guest list for the wedding....over a year away and its causing me stress already lol.

Well in the morning me and my chief bridesmaid are off to visit what I hope will be my wedding venue. We are planning on hiring a luxury house for a weekend and the wedding party go stay there for the entire thing and have everything there but its 2.5hours from home so we know people that are only invited to the dance may not come meaning we are having to have a bigger wedding than originally anticipated....why do these things always grow arms and legs ???

Never mind Im sure it will all fall into place eh lol. On the plus side I have had a good on plan this week so hoping to see a loss on the scales on Wednesday as I really want to be over the halfway mark and have the ticker tell me I have less left to lose than I have lost. I know if I had more will power it could come off quicker but you know what I like doing it this way as I really don't feel like it is a hassle to do as I allow myself treats yet my weight is still heading the right way...YAY
I just spent a good wee while this morning looking in the mirror and having a blub.

For so long I have been trapped in a body I hated and although I still have alot to lose I am in control...that is possibly the first time I have been able to say that about my weight my entire adult life...I did lose the weight once before but not in a healthy maintainable way so to be doing it in a way that I know I can do for the rest of my life...well it makes me feel free..Its hard to explain but I truly feel free and that the possibilities are endless.

The flip side is I am racked with regrets now. YEARS I have put up with my size and pretended it didn't matter...I pretended so well sometimes I think I convinced myself. Why didn't I take control years ago then I would have an album full of memories and photos that I liked looking at not photos that make me cringe. I would have been more confident and assertive with strangers. Ive never had confidence issues within my own circle as I knew I was loved but put me in a room full of strangers and I was always shy as I was always the biggest or at least I felt I was so I tried to be invisible.

So many regrets that I wish I didn't have but I can do nothing about as they are in the past
Ooooh not been on here for a while...couldn't type was too busy eating :eek:

Nah not really been that bad but did have a holiday which I had a plan for and then when it came round I tore the plan up and partied for a week...paying for it with a 4.5 gain but gee did I enjoy it and don't regret it one bit. However, and this is where it gets good....by the end I was looking forward to coming home and eating healthy again and I had no problems at all getting straight back on plan. Before when I have been 'dieting' I would do really well then fall off and it would result in me being bigger than ever as getting back on plan took months....not this time so I really do think I have cracked it this time with finding what works for me and what I can manage the majority of the time with no struggles...so I fall off occassionally and pig out, thats a magic improvement on life before where I was never in control so I am feeling good and looking forward to weigh in on Wednesday so I can get back to losing weight again officially (though unofficially mt wii has been saying nice things to me already this week ;))
I am sorry poor wee diary....I aint half neglected you :cry::cry:

Well the good news is that I have checked my book and in the 4 months (sheesh that went quick) since I last wrote in you I am 13lbs down weight wise and that includes the 8.5lb gain over Xmas and New Year so I am still on track and in my humble opinion doing well.

I kind of dilly dallied around up until Christmas and shifted some but not much really so after Xmas I was only 3lb down but I have lost 10 in the last month and feeling supremely focussed again.

I have been way better at keeping a food diary since January and that is making a massive difference. Seeing it all there is helping me plan better and use my syns more wisely because I know exactly what I am going to be eating later on so know how much to eat to get me until then without being hungry...does that make sense...sometimes before I would feel hungry and almost panic eat and then dinner time would come and I wouldn't want it as I'd just stuffed my face an hour before...well no more. Today had a major breakthrough with me feeling peckish due to an early start but I got my diary out and my optimising book and checked what I was having for the day and then completely under control went to the bakers and bought two pancakes...one to eat and one to weigh when I get home so I can syn accurately.....I am amazed I managed that and so so happy about it.

This week is an important week....I am currently 13st 0.5lbs.....I cannot remember the last time I was in the 12's...twas about 9 years ago as I was 12 something (about 6/7 I think) when I met my OH but very quickly moved out of that and into the 13's then 14'2 then 15's before finally calling a halt in the 16's and 3.5lb from moving up into the 17's.

It has been a long hard slog to get this weight thing back under control again...what do I mean back it was never really under control but I do think it is now...Bring it on I am ready for this :)
Two days in a row....does that male up for my shameful lack of contact over the last few months....I hope so.

Well I had to come on here and tell you I am one happy happy chickadee today indeed....ok it's not official yet as weigh in is not til tonight but my wii told me I was 12stone 12lbs this morning...Happy doesn't even begin to cover it I am ecstatic and praying I am still 12stone something on the scales tonight....only fruit and yoghurt for me today as I never eat much on weigh day but it's better than my old habit of eating nothing at all.

Oh and I can't rememeber if I told you yesteday but I am doing the 30 day shred workout DVD and today will be day four....it hurts slightly less now so I'm hoping that is a good sign.

One last time...just indulge me



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awwww Theresa, I feel a bit odd about reading something called a 'diary', but I am, so there. What a journey, huh? And just yesterday and today's entries show what a life changing one it has been (is being).

Anyhoo. YOU'RE IN THE 12ssssss!! YOU ARE IN THE TWELVE STONE BRACKET. 12, 12, 12, 12, 12. TWWWEEELLLLLLLLLLLLVE. Say it out loud...'tw-eellll-vvee' That's YOU that is - in the TWE12LVE stones! I'm actually excited about it on your behalf!
It feels weird keeping a diary that folk can see but I have to admit I am liking the whole process big muchies :)

I know....everytime I think of the no 12 I smile....though I did have a wee greet over it the day when it sunk in but hopefully that means no embarrassing scenes on the scales tonight :)
Yay, well done hun, 12 is a fab number, I got into the next stone bracket this morning and am soooo happy, hehe, only half a pound into it, but still, it's all in the right direction x
Hello again dear diary my old buddy.

I do love spending time with you, sorry it's not as much time as I probably should.

Well I had a weird week this week, I am a bad girl and I keep tabs on my weight during the week with my wii and it kept saying no change for 12/13 days...that drove me a bit mad I must admit but thankfully by yesterday it changed it's mind and I lost 1.5lbs in time for my official weigh in so I was a happy girl.

That's me now securely in the 12's at 12st 11.5 so should be safe from rising above it again and now my focus is getting my 4st award which is 1lb away...can you smell it...I can it's that close.

I am feeling really focussed and happy again so confident this week will be the week it happens....that will make me 2/3rds of the way through my journey with the end in sight if I knuckle down.

I bought some size 14 clothes yesterday which don't quite fit but they do up so a few pounds and I will be a size 14....HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!! I can actually imagine being a size 12 now....I have never been a size 12 my whole adult life...I was a 14 by the time I was 18 and have never gone below that.

I am constantly amazed at how SW has changed my life....SW You are the greatest :)
Ok diary I need your support...I am not in a good place but I can't turn to my consultant as I know I'm only in this place because I'm being bad.

I got on my wii yesterday and again today and am really really down I have been on plan except for Wed night as it was a taster night at class so I expect I ate more syns than I should as I have to try everything....the reason I am so down is the wii for the past tw days has said I've gained 2lbs and I really really don't know why. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

How do I stay focussed now??? If I could just stay off the flaming wii I'd never have got myself in this place :cry::cry::cry:

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