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lets start again.. shelly.

S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Thursday 5th aug - Green

3 ryvita (heb), 2 boiled eggs, light mayo (2.5syns)
huge jp with beans, chilli and poached egg
dinner (2 oven chips pinched off sons plate 1syn) butter buds (1 syn)
large bowl pasta, 29g cheddar (hea), pasta sauce made with passatta, peppers, mushrooms, onion, carrots,garlic and chilli.
snacks, 1.5 bananas, pear, grapes, velvet crunch (4syns) 1 biscuit (1.5 syns)s

total syns 10
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Friday - Green
Quorn sausage, dry fried egg
more quorn sausages - homemade salsa dip, 3 ryvita (heb)
JP, beans, 28g cheddar (hea)
snacks - cake (8) light mayo (2) bite of pizza (3) dip (2) garlic bread (5) butterbuds (2) total 21 syns (will make this back)

Saturday - Red
Egg, bacon, 2 small slices wholemeal bread (heb) milk in tea (hea)
bacon, ham, 2 small slices wholemeal bread (heb) 28g cheddar (hea)
chicken and veggie stir fry, curry paste (3.5) biscuit (2.5) butterbuds (1) cheese (2.5) total 9.5 syns

Sunday - Red
bacon, bread (heb) 5 laughing cow light (hea) milk in tea (hea)
ham slices - fruit salad, 3 ryvita (heb)
pork and veggie stirfry, curry paste 3.5 syns- half a melon
large glass wine 7.5 syns, total 11 syns

Monday - Red
Bacon, 2 small slices bread (heb) 28g cheddar (hea) milk in tea (hea)
sardines in tomato sauce, 3 small slices wholemeal bread (heb +3syns) 3 tsp butter (6 syns)
beef and veggie curry - curry paste 3.5 syns - total syns 12.5

Tues - Red
5 low fat sausages (5 syns)
2 small slices bread (heb) 28g cheddar (hea) milk in tea (hea)
xlean beef mince, brocolli, courgette, gravy (3 syns) bread (heb)
curly wurly (6 syns) - total 14 syns

2 boiled eggs, tblsp mayo light (2), 3 ryvita (heb) milk in tea (hea)
ham salad, 2 small slices wholemeal (heb) 5 laughing cow lite (hea)
xlean beef, courgettes, gravy (2 syns), potato (5 syns), curly wurly (6)
total 15 syns

bit disappointed - lost 1 lb
S: 11st8.2lb C: 11st7.2lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 0st1lb(0.62%)
It's still 1lb closer ! Every little counts if you keep going.
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Weekly diary
Thursday 12/08 - EE
2 bananas
ham salad, 3 small slice bread (HEB +3) 2 low fat sausages (3), 28g cheddar (A)
turkey & veg fajitas,
syns - wraps (15), sour cream dip (2), 1/2 14g cheddar (3) splash milk in tea (1)
lge glass wine (7)
Total 34 syns

Friday EE
bacon, tomato, banana, 2 small slice wholemeal bread (heb)
2 low fat cheese triange (3), oatcake (3)
turkey stiryfry veggies, handful pasta
SW chips, egg, beans, salad, bread (heb)
2 bananas and a pear, milk in tea (hea)
Total syns 6

Saturday - green
3 egg omlette with 28g cheddar (hea)
pasta, tinned tomatoes, peppers, 56g cheddar (2 heb)
2 quorn sausage, sw chips, beans egg, peppers, onion, salad, cheese triange (1.5) curly wurly (6), milk in tea (hea)
syns total 7.5

Sunday EE
egg, tomato, cucumber, banana, 2 small slice wholemeal bread (heb) ketchup (1) cheese triangle (1.5)
chicken curry(3.5), stir fry veg, rice, pineapple
pasta n sauce (1.5) salad leaves and peppers, milk in tea (hea)
total syns 7.5

Monday Green
2 bananas
jacket potato, beans, salad, 28g cheddar (hea)
pasta n sauce (1.5), cous cous, peppers, 28g cheddar (heb), shape yogurt, pineapple, curly wurly (6) milk in tea (hea)
total syns 7.5

Tuesday - Red
2 eggs, low fat mayo (2.5), ketchup (1), bread (heb)
ham & smoke salmon salad,3 ryvita, lite mayo (2.5)
chicken and bacon salad, 28g cheddar (hea), pkt crisps (7)
total syns 13

Wednesday - red
2 dry fried eggs, 2 small slices w bread (heb), ketchup (1)
lunch - picnic
2 small slices wm bread (heb), smoked salmon, salad, grapes, half a banana, crispsx 2 (14)
xlean beef mince, free veggies, gravy(2)
shape yogurt, banana. milk in tea (a)
total syns 17

weigh in tonight - disappointed - put on half a pound. Was losing really well - regular 2.5lb a week till I went on holiday and put on 10lb - now really struggling to get that off again - I nearly gave up tonight - had a chat with consultant to try and sort this out - agreed action plan:-
1)maybe not eating enough filling food -so drop salad and introduce more veg
2) swap bananas and grapes for other fruit
3) vary (heb) choices
4) dont use so many (he) choices on cheese............
well - lets see how it goes.....
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Well, still really struggling - Consultant at a loss as to why I'm not losing, she has been very supportive, but other than 'success express' and 'fast forward' I have tried everything and only 1/2lb loss over last 4 weeks. So this is my final week at 100% before I have to admit defeat and give up.

Thursday 7th - Green
wholemeal toast 57g(HEB) lvl tsp flora buttery (1.5), 3 small eggs scrambled.
large jacket potato, half tin baked beans
pasta, bacon 85g rawweight (HEB) tomatoes, peppers, onion, chilli, 28g cheddar (HEA)
snacks, apple, tangarine, small banana, milk in tea (HEA)
Total syns 1.5

Friday 8th - green
Toast (HEB), tsp flora buttery (1.5), banana
couscous, tomato, onion, broadbeans, peas, chilli
SW chips, quorn nuggets (2.5), peas, ww yogurt.
omlette with cheese (HEA)
hi-fi bar (HEB), tangarine, grapes, apple, snackajack caramel (5), milk in tea (HEA)
Total 9 syns

Saturday - green
Toast (HEB), 2 light cheese triangles (1/2 HEA), 2 poached eggs, ketchup (1.5)
Leek and potato soup (HEA) bread (HEB) 2 light cheese triangles (1/2 HEA), 1 tsp flora (1.5)
jacket potato, homemade lentil and veg curry - free
banana, mullerlite, apple, tangarine, caramel snack a jacks (5)
total syns 8
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S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Sunday 10/10 Red
3 ryvitas (HEB), tblsp light mayo (2.5syns) 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon
youngs cod in parsley sauce x2 (3syns) green beans, peach.
roast chicken, carrots, cauli, 8oz jacket potato (HEB), gravy (2.5syns)
banana, 250ml ss-milk in tea (HEA), mullerlite yogurt.
Total syns 8
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Monday 11/10 - Red
hi-fi bar (HEB), banana, apple
SW bacon and tomato quiche, 28g cheddar (HEA), carrot and cucumber salad, apple
pkt crisps (9 syns)
leftover roast chicken, 227g jacket potato (HEB), lots of carrots, gravy (2.5 syns).
grapes, mullerlite, 250ml ss milk in tea (HEA)
Total syns 11.5
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Tuesday 11/10 Red
wholemeal toast (HEB), flora buttery (1.5syns), apple
bacon and tomato sw quiche with cheddar (HEA), salad, apple, snack a jacks (5syns).
salmon, 227g sw wedges (HEB)
2 mullerlites, 250ml ss milk in tea (HEA).
crackers & flora buttery (4.5syns )
Total syns 11
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Wednesday 13/10- EE
boiled egg, bacon, apple
salad with tuna, egg and bacon
evening - after WI
pub meal
vindaloo (8.5 syns) boiled rice, poppadom (4.5syns), chutney (2syns?)
Total 15 syns

4.5 lbs lost - Finally!!! - its moving again
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Hope this week is a good as the last...

Thursday 14/10 - Green
wholemeal toast (HEB) 1tsp flora buttery(1.5syns), hi-fi (HEB)
jacket potato and beans and onion
pasta, tinned tomato, peppers, onions, 28g cheddar (HEA)
banana, mullerlite, 3 grapes, ss milk in tea (HEA)
Total Syns for today 1.5
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Friday 15/10 green - Cupboards are bare!
2 slices wholemeal (HEBx2) 2 tsp flora buttery (3syns) marmite
pasta, tinned tomatoes and capers, 28g cheddar (HEA)
pasta with passata, tblsp light mayo (2.5syns) mugshot thai (0.5syns)
2 bananas, pear, milk in tea (HEA)
Total syns 6
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Saturday 11-10 - Red
omlette with tomatoes and spring onion
quorn burger (1 syns), egg, tsp ketchup (0.5syns)
snack - fruit salad
homemade mousakka - extra lean mince, mozarella & cheddar (HEA x 2), tomatoes, aubergines, cheese sauce (4syns), salad
2 slices bread (HEB x2) 2 tsp flora buttery (3 syns) - wine 2x250ml (19 syns)
Total syns 27.5 syns

Sunday - 12/10 - Red
scrambled egg, wholemeal toast (HEB) tsp flora buttery (1.5 syns) marmite
extra lean mince bolognaise, salad
extra lean mince bolognaise, 42g mozarella (HEA), jacket potato (HEB), salad. Fruit salad with mullerlite.
milk in tea (HEA), banana, slice of wholemeal (6syns), phili light sweet chilli (2syns)
Total syns 9.5
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Monday 18th - Red
Breakfast - wholemeal bread (HEB) tsp flora buttery (1.5) bacon
lunch - SW quiche with cheddar (HEA), salad
evening - turkey & veg curry, jacket potato (HEB)
snacks - milk in tea (HEA), mullerlite, banana, apple, pear, tangarine.
small slice wm bread with philadelphia & babybel light (7syns)
total syns for today 8.5
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Tuesday 19th Red
breakfast - wholemeal toast (HEB) tsp flora (1.5syns) marmite
lunch - sw quiche (HEA for cheddar) salad
evening - turkey and veg curry
snacks - hi-fi (HEB), apple, tangarine, milk in tea (HEA)
syns for today 1.5
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Wednesday 20 - Green
breakfast - 2 weetabix bars (HEB2)
lunch - mango, apple, tangarine, snack a jacks (5syns), babybell light (HEA)
evening - after weigh-in - sw chips, egg, beans, brown bread (12 syns) low fat soft cheese (HEA)
Total syns 17

lost 2 lb this week Total loss 1st 11.5lbs
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Thursday 21st - Green - plan for today
Breakfast - Weetabix bar (HEB), apple, tangarine.
lunch - cous cous, peppers, onion, tomato, 57g phili light sweet chilli (HEB)
evening - pasta n sauce (0.5 syn), peas, broad beans, peppers, onion
snacks - milk in tea (HEA) 3 mini babybell light (HEA)

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