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Let's try this again shall we?

Hi all,

My name is Pete and my girlfriend Jo & I are starting from scratch after a significant weight loss on Cambridge and having piled it all back on.

We struggled through Cambridge on & off previously for nearly 2 years and after a break of about 9 months we've started again.

I previously lost about 4.5 stone on Cambridge but never managed more than a couple of weeks sole sourcing at a time before caving and binging on various unhealthy take-aways etc.

I had one stint where I managed 5 weeks solid where I got down to my lowest weight before Christmas 2009 but never managed to get back into it properly.

Every day was day 1 after caving in until I took the decision last summer to stop wasting my money on Cambridge Packs and just try to eat sensibly. Which didn't really work. I'd like to think I do eat a little more healthily than I used to and certainly it's been a nice financial break to not be shelling out £50+ a week on packs plus as much again on take-away because there's no food in the house!

But enough living in the past and looking forward to the future. Starting back at 22stone 8pounds (5 pounds more than when I started last time) on Monday (04/04/11) this week we are starting again and currently back on track with the first 4 days solid sole source behind us with no caving!

I don't remember having as many gurglings, aches and hunger pangs ever before as I am this time & Jo has described the same sensations which is odd and frustrating as the physical problems certainly don't make it any easier to cope with the mental ones.

I nearly had to scream into a pillow when a certain Fried Chicken advert came on telly for the 3rd ad break in a row on TV the other night. Thank God for Sky+ is all I can say. Every other advert is for food! I'd forgotten how bad it is. I think TV food porn should be banned as I have far to suggestive a mind. I see it and I want it!

So far so good I guess but I'm very aware from previous experience that dieting as a couple is harder than doing it alone. Whenever I tell people we're doing it together they always say "oh it's good that you have each other to support one another"! Oh how I wish that was the case! It's more like you have to support yourself and someone else most of the time and historically this hasn't worked. We are more likely to both end up listening to the little guy with the horns sitting on the other shoulder than the guy with the Halo and end up trying to convince the other that a little "treat" will help spur us on!

I wish you could somehow bottle the emotions you feel after cheating, brand it and sell it just to release it when you're feeling tempted! I could make a fortune!

Anyways, minimins helped me a lot in my first weeks before so I hope it will bring us the same level of motivation and support this time around.

Wish us luck!

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Best of luck to both of you!
I'm in a similar situation. I began CD back in 2009 to attempt to loose 11 stone. I managed to loose over 8 stone in 12 months (could have done it a lot quicker, but like yourself I caved many times, some planned cheats, others not!

I had every intention of continuing to my goal of 11 stone because I love the diets quick losses and the results really spurred me on each week and I loved my new figure and the compliments. I would have continued onto the maintaining plan of cd but I fell pregnant and had to come off the diet straight away. Whether it was the pregnancy cravings or I had not eaten properly in so many months (im still not 100% sure which!) but all i know is I ate all the wrong things!

Now that my son is here I have braved the scales and learnt and accepted that I have gained 4 stone. It is a shame, as I worked so hard but for me I know CD works and I am willing to re-start and carry on what I set out to achieve in the first place - a healthier, more confident and slimmer me! :)

Best of luck - you can soooo do it! Each rumble of the tum is the little angels pulling that fat away! Let them do there magic ;) !

Hugs x x x


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Made me laugh that bit I nearly had to scream into a pillow when a certain Fried Chicken advert came on telly for the 3rd ad break in a row on TV the other night. Thank God for Sky+ is all I can say. Every other advert is for food! I'd forgotten how bad it is. I think TV food porn should be banned as I have far to suggestive a mind. I see it and I want it!

Vent it out ! hope the ride is not to painful for you guys and you know everyday is a different one on the diet
Hi all,

Day 7 no trip ups so far but boy are we struggling. Went for a workout this morning and went to a beefeater to sit in the beer garden with some friends straight after. The smells in that place were phenomenal and whilst I felt quite strong at the time I've come away and all I can think of is the big juicy burgers that they were serving up. One thing leads to another and I even started thinking about a Pizza from over the road which would be even worse. Just need to make the bad thoughts go away!

Keep thinking that it's our weigh in tomorrow and that eating would not only stuff that up but put us out of ketosis and I'd have to go through all the terrible stomach grumbles from the last week that have finally subsided but at the moment I just can't stop feeling like I'm denying myself heaven on a plate.

I think especially as everyone has gone mad for BBQs this weekend. All I've heard about is beer gardens & seen people posting pics of BBQs covered in sizzling meat... Drool...

Anyways I'm about to have my 3rd pack and see if that takes the edge off. Having a maple & pecan porridge later for the first time as well. I massively hated the standard porridge 2 & a half years ago when I first tried the CD but randomly quite enjoyed trying a mouthful of Jo's and she doesn't like it so we've done a swap! Not sure if I'll like having a whole bowl of the stuff! We'll see later. Fingers crossed!!!


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hi , did you have the whole bowl ? when you like it theres not enough in the bowl , lol
i am on exante and i'm missing the porridge , as they don't do it , theres things i can take from each vlcd that i love , with lighterlife i love the bars the purple wrapper one . with w8 , i love spag bowl , and cambridge i love the porridge and bars . i'm doing exante cos of cost but will try get some cd in a few weeks .
god you were both good not eating while out and them smells always drive you mad , as your more aware of them on this diet .
all the best for weigh in
Well Jo lost 7 pounds tonight which she was a bit disappointed with and I think out of frustration she decided to have some raw carrot with some spicy salsa that was in the fridge. Not the worst cheat in the world so I kept my mouth shut about it, especially this was a substitute for the Pizza I said we weren't ordering.

I weighed in but didn't find out my weight. I know roughly what it should have been from my own scales but didn't want to hear a disappointing number and get demotivated.

The first time we ever tried CD Jo lost a stone & I lost 12 pounds in the first week so I understand why she was disappointed but she's off to New York in a couple of weeks and wanted to lose a stone & a half before she left and is now worried she won't make it.

I wavered a bit earlier when we came home to a new menu for my favourite take-away who were offering a new BBQ chicken based pizza (my fave) but I just told myself if I didn't want to go through all the hunger pangs again like I did last week. We got into really bad habits of cheating after a weigh in each week first time around, so I'm glad I stayed strong tonight and impressed that Jo only resorted to a bit of carrot considering how disappointed she was.

We're exercising for an hour 3 times plus an hours swim each week this time around in an attempt to get into an active frame of mind ready to stop the diet but our CDC Laura has warned us this will probably slow down the weight loss. How crazy is it that I should lose more weight not exercising than with!? Mental! I'd love to know the real science behind that!

Oh well!
Oh and MsJMC yes I did have the whole bowl for dinner last night. I found it very filling so I've bought a couple of them this week for when I feel really hungry.


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hi guys , well done on your wifes loss , so pete , with your weight loss , you don't want to know each week ? i think thats a good idea not to let the scales rule you cos it can make you lose sight of things when you get a small loss .
7 is good , you know with carrots they have lots of carbs in , and they can make you crave more food . but yes better than pizza , keep cuecumber in . and mushrooms in .
always interesting reading with your posts BTW hehe
I think the best thing for me is to weigh in each week and just find out what I lost the week before. That way I'm always a week ahead of any disappointing losses and it helps me stay motivated to stick with it. Dunno how the idea came to me but it really works!


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if it works go for it . Me, i'm a bit like that with the scales , it can play a big part in your life the scales even if you have been really good seeing low loses, and you don't want to bring your mood down on this diet . I look on peoples sig whos doing vlcd to see how long it will take to lose this weight and think thats not to long , then i think well it is on this diet so you can think so many different things and still the answer is you must get the weight off .
hows you both doing ?
Pete I used to recommend to clients who got really depressed after weigh in that they should concentrate on measurements rather than weight. With them I'd do their full set of measurements every week.

Especially helpfully when you want to exercise!

Also, I do think its great that your girl turned to carrot rather than pizza BUT gently remind her, and yourself that a measly carrot COULD mean less weight off on the scales AND even longer on the plan! Maybe keeping a SS+ or 810 plan for weigh day would be a better idea? Have it in the fridge ready to grab when you both get in from weighing.

I found the more times you do Cambridge the harder it gets and the minute you cheat it's a slippery slope. Be strong, you can so do it. Set yourself mini-goals - like get down to 19 stone and have a day from next plan up, lose 5 stone and go to weight Watchers. Something like that can really help motivate people who struggle to stay on plan. X
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Hey Pete & JO, keep it up!

Just read your posts, really made me smile. I expect doing this with a partner is very hard indeed. I always use my other half to give me "permission" to do the things I know I shouldn't!! You have both done so well though. 7 pounds is still half a stone in anyones language. What other diet offers that in one week? Keep it up, you are where you are, so try not to compare it to days gone by, you can do it. I love your original approach to weigh in ;) Jo could still be at least one stone lighter for NY, and the most important thing is, she will feel good if she has stuck to it, regardless of what she lost. If she blows it on the other hand, she will mentally gain four stone without putting a single morsel into her mouth!! :D
Day 12 and so far I'm still 100%. Jo had some more carrot earlier after another battle with the takeaway menu. Trouble is it got me really tempted! Not been able to stop thinking about Pizza and I've been invited to watch the fight tonight with Beer & Pizza! Argh!!!!


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day 12 already , did you watch the fight pete ?
blimey you are putting yourself up for temptation lol


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Don't suppose Jo would consider eating cucumber or celery sticks instead? Fewer carbs in those than in the carrot - plus those are legitimate SS+ / 810 foods so it might feel a bit less like 'cheating'.

Hope you managed to avoid the pizza, Pete!
If you can't trust yourself then don't go on social engagements. Remember it's such a short time if you just get on and do it AND GET RID OF THAT TAKE AWAY MENU! X
Pete, as long as you are happy don't beat yourself up.

Now, this is probably not going to make you happy - but I think you need to seriously think about whether this is the weight loss plan for you. I think, with your real difficulty in getting on it and staying on it even for a week or so that it really will be doing more damage than good. Especially to your self esteem. Have a look at Atkins or Dukan. Maybe you have already, but personally I think they'd be better suited to you. I think you would really succeed by using one of them (as long as you understand them properly).

There's absolutely no shame in realising that Cambridge might not be right for you. It really doesn't suit everyone and trying and failing, trying and failing can, quite frankly, drive you bonkers! Literally! X


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thought where has pete gone lol

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