Libbies weight loss diary


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Hi all.
First a few facts about me .
I was born 3.2.51 weighing 6lb5oz.
First time on diet I was at school so as you can tell fighting with weight most of my life.
I have done every diet knowen to man and more over the last 50 or so years,some times with success but mostly without.
Did try Cd many moons ago but thought it yucky.
Then in Dec2005 with me on yet another diet my friend Marion was out with her eldest daughter T who said she had something to tell M.Well as T had lost a bit of weight M thought it was something bad,But no T told M that she had been doing CD for 3months and had lost 4 stone,she would not tell m before as she did not want to be told to stop being silly doing fad diets and start eating.Well M did not say that at all,this happened on the Monday and on the Wed M started CD.She told me and said she wished I could do it to.M and I have been friends for over 30years and have been yo-yoing together all that time.I decided to start in Jan after talking it over with hubby.
Seeing T and M both lossing weight I know it worked and I could not wait to start.
Well this year has been great so far and is getting better.
I saw my CDC on 3.1.06 weight 20st 10lb
2 weeks later first weigh in I was 19st 7lb.
17lb in 2 weeks I could not belive it but it was true.
Last Tuesday I went 13st 6.5lb can not rememder the last time I was that small and I have a way to go jet but I know I will get there.My CDC is there for me with help and support,friends and family are great and now I have this forum.
I would be laying if I said it has always been easy but as I tell people it is the closes thing I know to going to bed fat and waking up slim.We all know that will never happen but thid id deff the next best thing.
I have found not eating ok nice to just have 3 CD packs and no need to worrie about antthing else.
I remember my first add a meal as though it was yesterday,all I fenced was greens I had chicken and greens and it was wonderefull.
Sad I know but true.
I have had my blips,but who has not.
I am healthy which is something I could not say this time last year.
And one of the best things is that I can shop in NORMAL shops yeeeeeee.

Well I had better finish now.
I am sorry for going on,tried to make it short but once I get going about CD can not stop.
I will be back as I am going to try and write every day.The first part of my journey is getting to its end but then it will be the 2nd partmaintenance and the 3ed part the rest of my life.Hopefull doing CD has helped to make it a longer,happer and healther life.

Sorry again for going on.
Love Libbie x

Wow what an amazing story, well done on your fab loss so far.
Hi again,
Well another day neally over,been trying to up water intake and lower coffee intake,Had 7.5ltrs water today and only 2 coffees,will have no more water tonight but may treat mysalf to one coffee and then a nice hot choc ready made to take to bed sad I know!!!!!!!!!!!
Been doing 790 this week as I have found SS hard going since my holiday in July,have enjoyed the milk in coffee which is strange seeing as I always drink black coffee,this diet does do strange things to one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did not say before but pete my hubby is also doing CD,he is a bit off the rails at the moment but hopefully he will sone get back on track,he was doing so well as well loseing 4st.
must go as pete is off to work soon only 2 more nights and then he is changing his job.
Bye for now
Love Libbie xx
Hi Libby,

Fab post hun, reminds me very much of my thoughts, one of the main things for me was this is the closest I will ever get to waking up slim.

You have done fantastically well and I hope you are so proud of yourself.

I find keeping a daily diary on here absolutely brilliant, I record my thought, and what I have done is a day as well as what I have eaten and it makes me proud to read it.

Good luck in the rest of your journey.
Hi all.
Hope everyone has had a good day.
I was working today,day off really but short of staff and can not say no,but why when mu manager is so nasty at times????
Got another lecture today on how I do not need to lose anymore weight urgggggggggg
Not the first time she has told me if I lose antmore weight I will look old and haggaerd!!!!!!!!!
I did not tell her when I first started CD as I know what she would say you should not do it you will not keep it up I expect all of you know someone like her and know just what was said
Before CD I was always on a diet of some kind,I would have salad or home made veg soup for lounch and she would say things like "No wonder you never lose weight look how much you eat " as she was eating a sandwicn crisps chocy bars and had 2 spoons of suger in the 20 cuos of tes she drank in a day urggggggg again.
I was not doing CD long when I got some bruises on my arm and so you know why I had them???????????? Because I was drinking to much and not eating anything to soak it up!!!!!!!!!
I goulc write pages on the things she has said but think I have gone on enough but just wonted to say today she said again how I will always have bits of me that would be fat and I should just accapt it and stop dieting,
She is just making me more dertimend to get to the weight I want to be a healthy weight.
Sorry to go on but do you know whay I feel so much better now thanks for listening.
Love to you all
Libbie xx
We have spoken about this before Libbie, she is jealous of your determination, willpower and success.

All the lovely comments you are getting from your customers are just getting up her nose. You are a threat to her.

It was better for her to have someone larger than her because it made her feel good, not so the case now eh?

Its funny how some people can be.

See you tomorrow.

Hi Linda.
Thanks,you are right I know you are but at times it just gets to me.
Going to stop thinking about what she says and just kisten to the nice things others say.
Thanks again.
See you tomorrow.
Love Lizzie x
Hi there,
Hope you have all had a good day.
I have had a great one.
Saw Linda this morning and another pound gone.
Now lost 7st 4.5lb and its great.
I can not remember the last time I felt this good healthwise.
Can not remember the last time I enjoyed buying cloths,I love it now but still can not belive I am buying size 14 tops.Looking at things I would never had before.Its great.
Meet my friend Marion in romford this morning,she is doing CD as well and has lost over 6st have not seen her for 3 weeks so had lots to catch up on,Todays shopping was shoes with little hill size 6 instead of 7.Afleacy kind of top size 14 in a bright orange,was size 30/32,and another new bra.(no boobs soon)
Yhen spent a couply of hours on this site,time flys when you are having fun had to stop to get dinner,walk dogs,could not wait to get back here.
Will have to go soon as hubby wants to use PC.
Well thats my day,also been good CD wise.
Bye for now
Love Libbie x
Morning All.
Firstly thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome on this site and for the nice positive things you have said to me.
Well it is a nice bright start to the day,Hubby went to work at 6.30,me and dogs went for walk and a game of ball on the field.My son comes home from his hols today so Baily will go home,I will miss him,he loves to play ball where as Belle my baby has a little chase of the ball then walks of and leaves it for me to get,silly dog!!!!!!!!
I have decided I am becoming addicted to this site,loged on befor 6 this morning and back again after walk.Must go soon or no house work will get done!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all have a good day.
Love Libbie x
Good Morning Libbie!
Yes this forum is just soooooo addictive! Ive replaced food with Minimins! LOL:D :D :D
Have a great day Libbie and keep glugging that water! You will be slim by Christmas!
Morning all.
We have a bright sunny warm start to the day here,been walks with Belle,missed Baily as he is fun to play ball with,still the walks are fun with Belle.
Starting work at 10 and as it is a 10min walk to the shop must go soon.
Had a good day yesterday,felling brught and brezzy as thay say this morning,all ready for the dreaded manager,But I can forget all about her when I am with the great customers.
Hope you are all feeling as positive as I am.
Wishing everyone a good day.
Will catch up lhis evening.
Sending anyone that needs them lots of positive vibes
love libbie x
Good evening,
Had a poss day,lots of nice coms from customers at work.
I have not done anything to write about.
just wanted to say hi and hope everyone has had a good day.
Love coming here and reading how everyone is doing
love libbie x
Thought i'd pop in and say goodmorning! As you always do to me! ((hugs))

Hope you are having a good day!

We're just tidying and taking our foster teen to the dr's later, that's about it for today! :)