Libera is on "When will I be famous" at the moment


Gone fishing
Oooohh. So happy to see them again:)

It's really sad as they are famous in other countries. The recent tickets for their concert in Japan were sold out within an hour of the tickets going on sale.

Sadly, they find they don't get support in their own country.

They are just London boys who go to normal schools and sing at St Philips church where they are known as St Philips church choir.

Other days of the week they are Libera. Exceptionally talented lads.


Gone fishing
They are fantastic. Probably one of the best children 'bands' (as they like to be called) in the world. They were on Songs of Praise last night too.

The programme annoyed me though. judges were clearly ignorant of Libera's history. They've already have had plenty of best selling albums. Of course, this begs the question, of why a group with a
longstanding contract with EMI was even allowed on what seems to be an
amateur talent show.

Perhaps it's because they are not appreciated in their own country?

I'm told they were at the Glastonbury festival and were allowed up on the roof of the old ruins to sing. They usually wear their white 'monks' robes which adds to the atmosphere. Bet it was terrific