Life after cd....


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I spent 22wks on cd and loved it but as many do I was worried what would happen when I came off it so I thought I would share with you all some thoughts etc that Ive had in the last week since coming off cd.

I know its eary days but i also think that this is where my journey starts regarding food and new habbits.

I started WW, when I went shopping I was looking at all the WW range in asda, cakes, biscuits, crisps, puddings, ice cream BUT I didnt buy any of them because I thought Ive had 22wks without these things and really havnt missed them so why should I all of a sudden NEED to buy them just because they have ww written on them?? I dont think so, so Ive bought fruit, veg lean meats and some low fat yogs.

Also I still only drink water and black coffee or white tea ( skimmed milk), I didnt need fizzy diet drinks before or no cal juices so why should I need them now??

As I said I know its only early days but I think I have learnt so much on cd and I actually enjoy the fresh taste of food now, not just eating because I feel the NEED to.xx

Im also aware that I will at some point want something like cake, choc etc but all in moderation and I will make sure that they never become a daily item on my menu.xx

Thankyou all cd for giving me my life
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Percy greenfingers

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Your right Susan. As for food, i don't think it's really my issue, not what I eat, it's when and how. before starting CD, I never ate breakfast and rarely had lunch. I would go to to the pub have 2 pints (only 2) and come home and have a big plate of dinner at 7.30-8pm, along with another 4-5 pints or a couple of bottles of wine. No wonder I got into such a state.
I still like a drink, but only once a week. I know I shouldn't but it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Good luck with WW, I'm looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow and putting the world to rights.

Have a good one..


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That is a good post thanks for sharing.I know its early days for me but i too think the same, i will have black coffee and carry on with water, as i was not a fizzy drinker. I wont go back to drinking lots of bacardi/coke..coke will be a big no no for me.
I dont have a sweet tooth but i do like my savouries and that too i wont go back it will be fruit and veggies for me, as i have been missing my veggies since starting the vlcd.:D