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Life, with an ocean between your feet.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hello peeps....I am back! I am completely exhausted, and can see there is much to catch up on. I will do my best, but may have to just dive in again from today as there are thousands of unread posts! LOL

So back on UK soil, my heart is still in San Francisco. The song is true. I definately have one foot in America, and one in this island, and I am realising just how difficult, bordering on painful that is becoming.

I am always reminded after a holiday how hard it is to live between two countries. Body and mind in one, heart and soul in the other.

It was a wonderful, if not exhausting trip. ANd as usual, heart-wrenching leaving my mom, again. I think I cried across most of Canada, so if there were any rainstorms there, it was probably me.

A lot happened on this trip, and it was wonderful to see wveryone and to spend real time on our land.

I will write more soon, and will post some pics as soon as I can get them organsied! Which may take some time. But I will work on it.

Things I did on this trip that I wuld not have done "a year ago" - played on a trampoline at my moms party, in front of everyone. Got the video to prove it.

Rode a Quad.

Wore cut-off jeans and a halter most of the week on our property.

Kept up with hubby building a garage.

Just to name a few....

I have to pay the piper - I know I have gained, but not the least bit bothered. It will come off starting now.

I hope everyone is well, and all the new starters are off to a blazing start. Katalena - I noticed you are doing great already! SO happy for you.

SB - I hope you are having a WONDERFUL birthday.

More soon, as the fog clears.

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Enjoying life!
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Welcome home BL - you were missed. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Sorry to hear that it was distressing for you to leave your Mum!

Look forward to seeing some pics.

Kat xx :)


Gold Member
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lovely to have you 'home' with us
daisy x


Playing the Angel
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Great to have you back BL and so glad you had a wonderful holiday, albeit sad leaving your mom. Really have missed your inspirational posts on here.



Silver Member
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Welcome Back BL - you've been missed here! Glad you had a fab time, but can only imagine how hard it must be to leave it all again. You're very, very welcome here though :)


I Can Do This!
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BL - Great to hear from you! and to hear about all those little successes you had while away. Hugs to you and your mum. It must be hard to live so far apart.

We have missed all your motivational presence on here so - WELCOME BACK to the Minimins LL Family!:family2::family2:


Gotta Make A Change
Hey BL, good to have you back
def missed your posts on this forum
hope you are well, and look forward to seeing some pics of the trip and also more stories :)