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Light bulb moment

After years of thinking I need to pay memberships to weight watchers or slimming world, then joining and failing many times, just yo-yoing up and down. Eating too much then not enough, crazy carb free, gi, dukan blah blah blah. And also needing to join a gym or buy this or that to suceed, because surely you can't lose weight seriously just by moving more?!
You see I didn't want to count calories because everyone says " who can be bothered adding up every little thing you eat?". Then I discovered MFP, it's not hard at all! You can make wise choices and spend your cals sensibly, you can eat what you want, but maybe a little less, and move a little more. I can earn decent calories just getting out of bed and making sure I walk the school run! Swing my arms a little more and earn a biscuit ( well u know what I mean, lol). I know it sounds stupid, but I could have been doing this all along! And when I reach target I'll be able to maintain easily as I'll adjust my targets etc. Literally this morning when I weighed in ( with another loss, yippee) and realised this was working, and sometimes not eating enough also makes me stall, a little bulb flashed! Sorry for ranting, but I finally feel in control and that I have the tools to not be the fat sister anymore!!
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"You see I didn't want to count calories because everyone says " who can be bothered adding up every little thing you eat?". Then I discovered MFP, it's not hard at all!"

I could have written that! I've never yo-yod as I only ever did SW previously, but my losses were slllooowwwww, and when I became super active at the end of last year, I began gaining instead of losing. A real kick in the teeth. But then I too discovered MFP, and I can honestly say it's changing my life!

I'm now slightly bitter that I spent 3+ years on SW, losing at just a stone a year - and I've now lost more than that in 10 weeks of simple CCing!
I am the same I spent 100s on cambridge diet lost the weight and piled it back on when I started eating normal things.

I lost weight Calroie counting before and for me I think this is what works best. With exercise of course.
Wonderful thing to hear! I too have faffed about losing and gaining for far too long, i have never felt better than when i am calorie counting and eating the right amount of food...not too much and not too little!
I can agree with you about all of it

I have tried all the fad diets and although I haven't lost anything yet..... I feel in more control of myself and what I am eating

How hard is it to count what you eat and exercise and the you can eat more lol

My kinda lifestyle x

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I think calorie counting is the really the bare bones of ALL diets!! Burn more than you eat. At the core most fad diets do just that but charge you for a load of rubbish advice!! And let's be honest?? If your PAYING to lose the weight then the company doesnt really have a vested interest in your success. They want you to lose slowly, or regain it all so that YOU KEEP PAYING.
The best thibg about CC is that hopefully by the time we've all got to goal then we won't even need the fabulous MFP. It'll be second nature to hit the gym after a naughty treat and to check the calories in things you buy.

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I should have shares in SW and WW!!! I have to admit I lost weight with them. Then put it and more back on. I also lost ££££ with them.

So now as legomom put it. It's back to the bare bones of dieting and surprise surprise...... It's working :D

Good luck on your journey.

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