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light headed and giddy


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It's really hot today and I feel the same. Your body is using lots of fluid and energy (I hope) trying to keep cool. I can only suggest taking it easy! x
dont know if its any consolation but Im feeling particularly strange today no headache but weak and dizzy - put it down to doing too much - have stripped and remade 3 beds, done 4 loads of washing, hung it out, packed bags for tomorrows beach trip, put all the shopping away that the nice tesco man delivered and I HAD to come and sit down on here cos thought was going to pass out. Legs feel like blood sugar level is in my boots.

How in Gods name people exercise on this diet is absolutely beyond me!!!!!!!!!!!

I also put it down to being day 2 of being on TOTM but think I just need to chill now!!!! any excuse to be on here!!!!;)

Hope you feel better soon xxx
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Jess, TOTM and Pre menstrally you do go slightly hypoglycaemic. Its why pre TOTM you tend to eat like a horse (by about 15% extra actually), so not unsurprising.
Ta Lexie - fell bit better now - legs still bit drained but the call of an omelette sounds lovely ATM so think will have to go and have my 3rd shake now to raise levels then wont want one after when HB orders and indian when he comes home!

I wouldnt have had to run round like headless chicken if we werent going to the beach tomorrw would have had a much calmer day but they dont think of that when they suggest goin out for the day do they and if you say anything then the reply is

well I was only trying to do something nice and spend time with the family - they just dont get it do they all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes!!!!



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I think it's quite common, just drink plenty and take it easy. I'm a weirdo, I love the feeling of being light headed and dizzy!! ha ha xx

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