Lighter, Happy and Healthier !!!


Loves VLCD's !
Have been to see my GP today as I have been off my diabetic medication for 5 weeks now (coming up to my week 8 weigh in this Wednesday) and he wants to keep his eye on me. Told him that I had lost over 15kg now in the 7 weeks on LL and he was very pleased. I had a whole host of blood tests last week and he had the results. They were all great news.

Diabetic control is within normal limits without taking any medication. The HbA1c test was 5.6 whereas last time is was over 8. Cholesterol is 4. All other tests like liver function, anemia, thyroid etc were all perfect and in fact the kidney function test was better and more efficient than the normal range. Must be all that water I'm drinking !

My blood pressure was down again too and was 118 / 80. So as well as being lighter and happier I'm also a lot healthier ! Can't be bad eh ?
Well done Melissa - you must feel great and its good to know that not only are you slimmer but healthier - it makes this diet so worthwhile. Congratulations and keep at it!
That's great news Mel!
I had similar results on CD ... which justs reinforces my confidence that I'm doing the right thing :)
Congratulations Mel!! This is fantastic news!! I can't believe that you are no longer on medication. You must feel soooo proud. You are now in complete control of your body. It must be such a brilliant feeling. Good luck on your weigh in.
Hi Melissa

Congratulations on doing so well.

Thanks for sharing your news with us. It is the BEST kind of news. I think we often underestimate the health aspect of losing weight and concentrate too much of our looks and the scales.

I'm so pleased your doctor is supporting you on your VLCD journey.

Hope you continue to do so well in the run up to Xmas.

Dizzy x
congratulations on making such a difference!

Diabetes, or at least the risk of it is why I am here too. I had it whilst pregnant and have been told I am very high risk, but not if I lose weight.

Its encouraging to know how much difference it REALLY makes, thanks for posting!

Well done Mel. People don't realise that diabetes can be a killer. You've probably added ten years onto your life expectancy - what a thought!

I'm looking to my older years being fit and happy. But I shall were slippers to the shops and probably drink lots of gin, and go on the back of my grandson's ( not that I have one) motobike wearing a pink sparkly helmet.
Melissa that is just fantastic. How wonderful to have achieved all those health benefits and be slimmer too! Congratulations.
Thanks everyone. I really am thrilled and am grinning from ear to ear :D
It was great news but getting all the positive strokes from you lovely lot is a real bonus :) :) :)