Lipotrim TFR - start Tuesday 29 Jan 2019

Only 2lb off this week, a bit disappointing. I was 100% all week and walking 12k+ steps a day. Not sure what happened! How are you getting on @Lord - Laverick ??
Hey, don’t be disappointed you’ve lost 2lb! I try and look at my weight loss over the month rather than by week long term or the weeks I don’t lose I can easily fall off the wagon 🐵
I lost 4lb this week, but I am really active which is hard when you’ve no energy!
Monday 2 mile run
Tuesday netball
Wednesday 2 mile run
Thursday walking
Friday 2 mile run + squash
Saturday swim
Sunday 1 1/2 hr gym session

I find it really hard to lose weight my body just seems to not want to let it go, if I wasn’t pushing myself so much is prob be gaining on Lipotrim 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
2 stone lost at my 5 week mark x
Keep going you can do this x